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Monday, October 20, 2014

"I Did Nothing Wrong! It Is A Witch Hunt."


How long do you think it will take Right-wing media to lay this arrest on the Obama Justice Department?   The Mid-term elections are only 2 weeks away!

Alabama State House, Speaker Mike Hubbard

Twenty-three felony charges that include using his office for personal gain and conflict of interest votes.

Huffington Post is reporting......

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard Arrested

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R) was arrested on Monday and charged with 23 felony ethics charges, the Associated Press reported. 
Hubbard, who is also the chair of the Alabama Republican Party, faces charges that include using his office for personal gain and voting for legislation with a conflict of interest, reported. 
Hubbard has claimed that he did nothing wrong and called the investigation a witch hunt, according to the AP.

For those who will attempt to respond with some form of equivalence. I have always stated former US Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and former New Orleans Mayor Nagin both deserve the federal penitentiary sentences they received.
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