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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jon Stewart Rebuts O'Reilly's "No White Privilege" Facade



Why do you feel Bill O'Reilly continues to subject himself to Jon Stewart's interview mastery? Mastery intermingled and support by strong progressive values and the quickness of a comedian'[s perception and comedic ability to instantly respond to stimuli. This past Wednesday night, O'Reilly sat with the crafty Stewart yet again. "White Privilege" became a key discussion point. Why does he continue to deny whites in America have a far greater opportunity for the "good life" than the vast majority of African-America and Latinos?  O'Reilly possesses a high and extensive level of education. He is learned enough to know that generally speaking black people have a different deck of cards to play. A deck handed to them simply based on life in America as a person of color.

Most know that O'Reilly and his production team recently broadcast a series of shows with O'Reilly standing tall in defiance of  any prospect "white privilege" actually exist. If you want to get a feel for O'Reilly's post-racial mindset and prefer not to sit through the two video, I have linked a written synopsis of O'Reilly's obtuse view of reality for 25 plus million Americans. 

Media Matters archived the O'Reilly "no white privilege" shows: linked here.

If you followed the links above, you are up-to-speed on O'Reilly's position against the reality of "white privilege."  If you haven't viewed the interview from this past Wednesday, Talking Points Memo offers the segment as video and a detailed synopsis of the interview.


Jon Stewart To Bill O'Reilly: Just Admit White Privilege Exists! (VIDEO)


O'Reilly represents and speaks to the embodiment of all things that provide a foundation for discrimination, bigotry, disparate treatment and disparate impact (in the workplace). His obtuse reality also reaches into the same mindset that supports the GOP "War on Women." 


The fact the the nation has an African-American president, and the fact one of the world's richest is Oprah Winfrey doesn't serve as evidence of that fallacy of white privilege. O'Reilly's mindset and rhetoric (while hawking his latest fact deficient book) is typical conservative superficial shallowness regarding issues of racial and a fair and balance society (or lack there of). 

I asked this question in the lede paragraph above: "Why do you feel Bill O'Reilly continues to subject himself to Jon Stewart's interview mastery?"

He appears on The Daily Show to hawk his book and advance his obtuse social reality. He knew probably via The Daily Show segment script would include discussion of his campaign against the reality of white privilege. What good book huckster and conservative propagandist would pass on the prospect of personal gain and opportunity to advanced conservative ideology?

O'Reilly is all about the money and the ideology.

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