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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Megyn Kelly Rivals Hannity For Tops in Broadcast Lies

The Key To this false story? Michelle Maulkin. Image via Firseshot screen capture

The Fox News business model is widely known and accepted as conservative propaganda laced with entertainment.  When the clock strikes 5:00PM EST, the Fox News machine kicks into high gear. The network;s audience is home, either preparing for dinner m sitting for dinner, or finished with dinner and ready for a full evening of "sycophant feed."

Even if the fact that Fox News has been researched to be accurate only 18% of the time, the Fox News uniform of the day figuratively (hopefully not literally).

Fox News Goes Full Metal Tin Foil Hat with Claim Obama Blackmailed Petraeus

In July 2014 The America Blog published the following

PunditFact: Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network

7/11/2014 8:00am by John Aravosis

Fox News has won the battle for most-false cable network.

A new survey by the Tampa Bay Times’ PunditFact, looking at the veracity of cable networks, found that Fox News won (or lost) the first prize for having the most falsehoods studied.

According to PunditFact, Fox News’ on-air talent were mostly false, false, or “pants on fire” 60% of the time.

MSNBC ranked second in falsehoods, at 46% of the time.

And CNN ranked a lowly (or uply) 18% level of falsehoods – meaning, CNN did a pretty good job getting it right.
After many episodes of Fox News caught intentionally using video unrelated to stories through Megyn Kelly's now famous "white Santa; white Jesus" remarks this past December, 12th, it is impossible for any sane person to recognize the Fox News business model.

"Give the viewers massive doses of lies misinformation, manipulate the viewers psyche and fulfill the mission of its owners: "deliver for conservative America." 

As we move towards the mid-term elections, Fox is as busy as an Ant Farm (tm) exposes to daylight in delivering false information. This past Tuesday, Megyn Kelly aired another segment that comes-in lower than any form of "yellow journalism." Watch the segment and we will show the full scope of Kelly and her productions teams commitment to false reporting.

Now for a 38 second clip of a local broadcast post Kelly's latest truth failure. (Hat Tip to Mediaite)

Last night Rachel Maddow addressed the Fox News misinformation. No one needs to posit beyond Maddow's typically detailed and thorough reporting. 

Despite common knowledge Fox News is not about the business of accurate reporting of news and current events, I remain bewildered at the extent to which the network will wantonly and deliberately lie to its sycophant viewers. 

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