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Sunday, October 19, 2014

PumpkinFest Riots? What No Black People?

While not a topic many like to read about, white privilege continues to stand as an American disease the nation is not willing to castaway.

Imagine a group of African-Americans traipsing along as such?

The following images related the perfect cases for white privilege. The Ohio Walmart killing.

John Crawford (pictured with his baby) was shot and killed by a cop after playing video games in a Walmart. He was guilty only of being black and visiting the WalMart firearms department. He was holding a pellet gun while talking on the cell. His last words: "...its not real."

The image next to Crawford is of the "good Samaritan: who called the police and reported Crawford was point a gun at a people. Police 9/11 operator request for a description of the person with the gun? "......he is African-American..." Enough information for trial, sentence and execution.


Now, if you read through the tragic shooting of an innocent shopper, take a look at how the "other side" (at least one blogger) represented "white privilege." On closer scrutiny, the site is that of a white supremacist.

Expose Them All 2...  https://exposethemall2.wordpress.....
Any negroes want to comment on any of this? Huh? Do ya?

Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (2)
Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (1)-
The low intellect sub-animal creature was displaying and brandishing a long barreled BB/Pellet rifle. Which had the appearances of a military assault rifle or ghetto gat. When police arrived on scene they were forced to down the defective creature like a rabid hyena. But when they did, a White mother with two kids in tow attempted to rush the kids out of harms way. And as a result, she suffered what most likely was a massive heart attack. She collapsed and died in front of her 10-yo daughter. Another thoroughly sickening and disgusting case of White death caused by a vile and depraved negro sub-animal.
Idiotic negro brandishing gun at Walmart causes death of White female and mother of two due to stresses on weak heart, Angela Williams, John Crawford, Expose Them All (3)

Low intellect sub-animal creature."                        
Read More linked above
The racist writer knows nothing about the murder victim other than he was black. That for many conservatives is cause enough to rationalize exoneration of murderous cops. While some will retort the writer is not your everyday conservative and is clearly a white racist. I will respond with comment about the probability the writer is not a progressive voter and that is ultimately what counts. Wonder if the writer votes for progressive political candidates? The question is rhetorical.

If you have read with me this far, stay tuned-in for additional evidence our worlds via birth different and race plays a major role as surely as the differences in our individual eye color.

It is the Halloween season and time for zaniness that brings out deep rooted psyches. Read and watch how psyches of young whites can be driven by festive impetus and alcohol to violence. As you follow the New Hampshire PumpkinFest riots and violence, recall the Ferguson violence was the result of a cop murder. Looting aside, the violence in New Hampshire was also ugly and no one used the word "animals" or the words "I will kill you!" 

Let's pick-up the PumpkinFest of Keene, New Hampshire and a local college campus. 

The pumpkin festival is a source of pride for the community of 23,000 people about 80 miles northwest of Boston. Last year, the event set a world record with 30,581 lit jack-o'-lanterns, according to the festival's website

Excerpts and Images from various media.
The crowds were hundreds deep at some points in the day.

The police presence was heavy during the day.

Embedded image permalink
A man tried to balance an uprooted light poll on a basketball hoop.

A man tried to balance uprooted light poll on a basketball hoop.

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Wow, the unrest in Ferguson never took place with a exhibition of female breasts! Can you imagine the extent of use regarding the word "whore" had one black protester resorted to a cheap display of her anatomy? 
We often find reminders of how life in the United States is very different for people of color than for white Americans.  Bill O'Reilly and his production team can broadcast segments disavowing white privilege and black conservatives can place their heads in the sand while ignoring irrefutable evidence of white privilege, the (live) camera does not lie. 

Embedded image permalink

How many times have we seen segments of Fox News demagogues ranting about the absence of black fathers in the how continues to "animal" behavior? Do you recall hearing or seeing cable news (CNN and Fox) focus broadcast segments on the ratings focused images of the crowd instead of any exploration of the underlying impetus for the violence? In the context of Ferguson Missouri, the impetus for civil unrest was the senseless murder of an unarmed teen. The PumpkinFest violence.....well I am at a lost as to why?  

Of course, media will resort to injection of looting. Yes, looting.....

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