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Friday, October 17, 2014

Rand Paul: Political Chameleon, Opportunist And "Gamer"

You know and I know Rand Paul is the ultimate political chameleon.  

He figuratively changes position as quickly and opportunistically as an adult chameleon and as unidirectional as the wind direction of a CAT 5 Hurricane.

The problem with the political chameleon circa 1955 to dates is the irrefutable video and audio trails that have improved with time. A dynamic that in Paul's case lends itself to a rendition of Wiley E. Coyote sans the Road Runner. 

The Kentucky Senator finagles himself into a corners with no real prospect of credible egress. He does so while practicing a form of "tell the audience what they want to here, and next week handle the next audience similarly."  The problem with the methodology, the next audience may want diametrically opposite the audience of last week.  

Paul's methodology may lend to political manipulation ,but it also leads to the following. The National Review Online (a conservative publication) nabbed Paul for his recent comments regarding Ebola and President Obama. Paul failed to recall his past actions and comment regarding the killer disease. 
Ebola and Rand Paul’s Conundrum
Senator Rand Paul has aggressively attacked the Obama administration for its failure to prevent the Ebola virus from coming to America. He’s right to do this: The Centers for Disease Control has a mandate to protect the public health, and what is more important to the public health than keeping a communicable virus that resists virtually all medical treatment from our country’s people?

Paul’s credibility as an administration critic suffers, however, because of one simple fact: His 2014 budget proposed cutting CDC spending by 20 percent from FY 2008 levels (see p. 35). That provision would reduce CDC spending to about $4.8 billion; it is estimated to spend close to $6.9 billion in FY 2014. Paul’s budget, therefore, calls for a 30 percent cut from current CDC spending.

I have posted before regarding Paul's frequent (almost criminal) excursion into plagiarism, so I will forego re-exploring obvious manifestation of that personal character flaw.

Earlier today MSNBC's Alex Wagner, NOW, broadcast a segment that places Paul in perspective he cannot easily mask like a chameleon. His opportunism is showing and drawing attention from some at MSNBC. Other unnamed host at MSNBC have spoken so lovingly about Paul. I believe Paul has bamboozled the unnamed host. 

Watch and listen as Wagner and her guest addressed Paul's penchant for lying and explored his foibles in the context of a political party that is lost in the 19th Century.  An aspect of the segment that is both intriguing and shameful is Paul's opportunism in the context of the GOP almost leads to a positive light on the Kentucky "gamer." 

Before we join Wagner's segment allow me to make two additional points. I was unable to capture the reporting aspect of the segment without the 'talking head' panel discussion. MSNBC is so noted for delivering it viewers. A broadcast model that has value in some cases and with some topics, but has grown thin with this writer. The phrase "opinion TV" as a characterization for the network is catch hold with me, while in the past I found it laughable. Of course, the introduction and proliferation of networks like the BBC, Al Jazeera-America, One America News (despite its efforts to attract Fox News viewers), have replaced by devoted MSNBC viewing to occasional viewing. The panel discussion was relevant to Wagner's segment, but it took away from a germane exploration of Paul as a political trickster and master manipulator. 

A second point is a poignant reminder that Paul once delivered a revealing speech to a group of medical school students at the University of Louisville. During a question and answer segment Paul responded to a question with a startling and revealing admission. He literally admitted to an affinity for and the utility of "misinformation." His example was misinformation for personal gain. How can anyone consider Paul a credible person when he clearly has exhibit numerous examples of a flawed character with questionable values couple with an absence of personal veracity. 

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I have avoided rehashing my personal contempt for Paul's attempts to secure votes in the African-American community via his charade visits across the nation. He even showed-up in Ferguson Missouri recently for camera opportunity and strategic comments about GOP failure to appeal to black people. He visited the community well after the murder of the unarmed teenager as a catalyst to civil unrest that continues today. His charade also included a meeting with local NAACP officials to be fair. The man is a real gamer, but I doubt he is fooling many in the black community. 

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