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Saturday, October 4, 2014

September Jobs Report and Economic Policy

The September Jobs Report hit the airways and cyberspace early this morning.  An addition of 248,000 private sector hires lowered the US unemployment rate to 5.9%; the lowest level sine July 2008. 

Do you remember 2007/2008? Of course, you remember. 

The culmination of decades of Ronald Reagan's economic policy (trickle-down/supply side economics), the end of Glass-Steigel (Bill Clinton), and incompetent Bush Administration economic malfeasance, plunged all international economies to the precipice of an international Great Depression. While the American public and Fox News and CNN derangement media have long placed the Bush years in an archival File 13 comparable to a sealed bottle flung to the sea, you recall the Great Recession and 400,000 to 750,000 job losses during the early months of 2009.

If you are insulated from entertainment media via seeking real news, you also recall GOP abandonment of major US industries. Let's be real, GOP economic policy is as flawed as GOP social policy. 

Before leaving entertainment media, it is important to acknowledge conservative media ministers employed by MSNBC (eg. Scarborough, his shadow Geist, Mitchell, and News Director Chuck "what a joke" Todd. These right-wing  purveyors of GOP policy are as guilty as Fox and CNN at delivering conservative propaganda while influencing your potential vote this fall and in the 2016 General Election. As you read through the posted links (below), remember the regressive GOP has no economic policy after Reagan's trickle down economic debacle and years of subservient devotion to a unequal economic policy that does not trickle.

Your paradigm social vote in November and a vote for the Right in 2016, will literally end our economic recovery.

Just a touch of icing to go with this piece.

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