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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals Fans Go Racial On Ferguson Missouri Killer Cop Protesters

Cops are brutalizing and killing young black men (and older black men) at an increasing rate. Many whites are lining-up to support any white man who kills any black man and they do so regardless of reason or circumstance.

Protest is a constitutional right as well as the right to stand against the protest with counter protest. But, think for a moment about evidence the killer cop in Ferguson Missouri shot the unarmed and hands raised victim as much as six times out of eleven shots with one shot to the top of the head.  

One such protest and counter protest was captured within the past 24 hours. The protest and counter yelling became a racial confrontation as whites resorted to "get a job", "go back to Africa", and other racist yells. I find it appalling many whites do not yet recognize the vast majority of black people have roots in North (and South) America that may surpass their immigrant ancestors. Yet, race via exhortation to "go back to Africa" is a tool often thrown at black people as surely as the conservative chant of "USA, USA, USA." The confrontation was captured on cell, phone video, It is important to note the whites who felt compelled to stand with Darren Wilson are not single toothed illiterate whites commonly called "white trash" by other whites.  While the whites in the video interjected the racial exhortation to "go back to Africa" are trash, they make mockery of the thought only degenerates occupy that realm they call "white trash." Degenerates generally do not purchase baseball playoff tickets and pay the exorbitant prices for concession stand items. 

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Deadspin via the Argus Streaming video post a rather long video of a Mike Brown (murder by cop) and Darren Wilson murderous cop) protest at last nights St. Louis Cardinals vs. LA Dodgers playoff game.  Protesters tot he shooting and lack of arrest of Darren Wilson have appeared in public events of late. Protest draws attention, and the Wilson killing of Mike Brown deserves as much attention as the killing of John Crawford (Walmart killing), Trayvon Martin. (Killing my neighborhood watch murder) and the killing of many black men at increasing numbers.  
Argus Streaming News. Transcript via DeadSpin....
  • We start off with a bang. At about the 22-second mark, an old white Cardinals fan begins telling the protesters—all of whom appear to be black—that they need to get jobs. He looks right in the camera, proudly, and says, "That's right! If they'd be working, we wouldn't have this problem!"
  • At about the 1:30 mark, the crowd of Cardinals fans begin drowning out the protesters' chants with a "Let's go Cardinals!" chant. Well, they could be saying worse things...
  • At the 2:40 mark, they start saying much worse things. The "Let's go Cardinals!" chant has turned into a "Let's go Darren!" chant. Cool.
  • At 8:10 one of the Cardinals fans calls one of the protesters a "crack head" and tells him he needs to go see a dentist.
  • At 8:50 the "Let's go Cardinals" chant starts up again.
  • At 9:05 one of the Cardinals fans starts telling one of the protesters that if he ever "saw him in the street" he would "look at the ground." They argue for a bit about who would and would not whip whose ass.
  • At about 10:25 a small blonde lady starts yelling at the protesters: "We're the ones who gave all y'all the freedoms that you have!"
  • At about 12:14 an older female Cardinals fan begins telling the man holding the camera, who claims he is a former Marine, that she doesn't believe he is a veteran. The conversation does not go well for her.
  • At 14:54, the Cardinals fans start in on a very loud "USA! USA! USA!" chant.
  • At 16:07, another Cardinals fan begins yelling at the protesters, telling them that they need to get jobs.
  • At 16:43, a female Cardinals fan begins chanting "Africa! Africa! Africa!" at the protesters.
  • At 17:10, a Cardinals fans tells the protesters that they need to remove their hats and pull up their pants.

How does the St, Louis Cardinal fans counter protests differ from this? Part-time stripper and mother of a couple of loosely managed kids calls a the drover of this truck a "fucking nigger." His crime and reason for being maligned. He started his truck and frightened her kids who seem to be able to run around the building like Flies seeking fresh poop. The driver entered the Dollar General store to purchase a toothbrush and tooth past as he drove to work.


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