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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Chris Christie As "Enormously Gifted Politicians"!

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From the 47 second mark to the 59 second mark on the video below, you have cause for my increasing disdain for Chris Hayes and a couple of additional quasi-liberal MSNBC hosts (include Chris Matthews and Steve Kornacki). The remaining three plus minutes of the segment is about much of nothing. 

Chris Hayes during the course of the broadcast segment reached into his psyche for a few adjectives that has to make the die-hard liberal's eyebrows furrow. While taking shots at the zany and wacky Rick Scott Republican Governor of Florida, Hayes offers off-hand compliments to three GOP politicians. People who least deserve any characterization beyond manipulative and real dangers to the nation. Hayes in a fit of over-speak labelled Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Christ Christie in a manner normally deployed by Fox News segment writers. 

Remember my concern with Hayes's comments manifest within the first minute of the segment.  After, I sat for the minute blown-out by Hayes's characterizations, I do not recall the remainder of the segment.

While, I will admit an extreme personal aversion to each name mentioned by Hayes, I must also state his perception of "enormously gifted politician" is validation the art of politics is that of a demented science. A necessary state of demented we as a nation are expected to tolerate. One problem with Hayes characterization as "enormously gifted" is the message he sends to anyone considering a career in politics. Especially anyone who may have (virgin) naive belief systems rooted in honesty and concern for Americans. 

In the case of most evening MSNBC hosts, Hayes, Maddow and O'Donnell seem to cherish elections. An understandable state as elections are newsy, politicians are integral to elections and elections makes each very wealthy. But, elections involving people like those Hayes feels are "enormously gifted gifted politicians"  are as serious as a diagnosis of cancer.  Each GOP politician Hayes named as "gifted", has both serious character flaws and major issues with honesty.  I place Christie in the realm of the insensitive bully, Paul and Cruz take their place as outright liars and people who appear to have major personality flaws. They are existentially self-proclaimed tea party politicians and Paul is a celebrity Libertarian. Libertarians are by paradigm opposed to all things progressive relative to the role of government. Also, Paul is a serial liar, a plagiarist and an admitted guru of misinformation. Is there any good qualities in labeling the man an "enormously gifted politician?" Why validate politics as the domain of those with questionable character, even if we already know such? Sometimes the most inane remarks are left unstated. 

Earlier I stopped shy of also admitting news hosts like Maddow, Hayes and O'Donnell are consummate news geeks. Thus, their affinity for elections surpasses any thoughts of elections posits solely to earn a paycheck. Each MSNBC host would relish the election process even if they worked without pay. Yet, I have serious doubts Maddow nor O'Donnell would refer to either of the three Republicans as "enormously gifted politicians." Additional concerns with Hayes's choice of adjectives is the impact of his penchant to over-talk regarding people who wholeheartedly disagree with requisite skills to meet the standard of "enormously gifted politician."

While I am working hard to avoid over criticism of Hayes, I would be less than personally credible if I did not comments, as I often do, about Hayes's traits as an  "opinion news" host. 

Hayes is so exuberant in his opinions and posits he reminds of the guy who always shows-up at the party fully equipped to snag you for a night of his opinions. The exuberant/surge talker is such he will actually position himself to resume his talk after you refresh your drink or return from the restroom. If you are competent at interjecting a word into the talkers dialog you will have a brief opportunity to speak, but rest assured the "surge talker" will not release you until it is obvious to the talker he needs a new victim. 

All quips aside, Hayes's choice of adjectives regarding Christie, Paul and Cruz leaves lots to be desired. One would think Hayes would be gifted enough in his oratory to qualify his adjectives with respect to the need to foster politics at a higher level of personal responsibility and at a much higher standard of personal character.  

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