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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Chris Christie!

Chris Christie
YouTube version...Notice Christie took that commonly anticipated drink of water when the going is outside of their control and in n area outside their comfort zone.

Within hours of Christie showing his mantel, Chris Hayes conducted an ALL IN interview with the heckler.  Linked here.

A few points.

Isn't Chris Christie head of the GOP Governors association. It seems the party on the Right has a leader of its Governor's Association that displays character flaws inherent to the greater GOP.

Why does Christie always run to that corner marked "Hero?." Without considering he came to the Post Sandy devastation well after the storm passed, he doesn't even stop to think the heckler may have felt every wind gust and probably lost property. As shallow an as common as conservative America, Christie always assumes someone want to randomly capture or share his moment of celebrity. The sure sign of a shallow mind.

Now, does the heckler, even from behind, appear to be your standard liberal heckler? He may be liberal, I do not now, but he has the wherewithal to kill the stereotype of the meeting disrupter hecklers we see and hear far more often, The guy wore a tie and move on his part. Before, you question my supposition regarding the heckler's attire (e.g. my assumption he adorned a tie). Notice the fit of the color. I suspect he did not button that collar without adoring a tie. He wanted to send a message and he delivered. Moreover, he was invited to MSNBC that very evening. I posit he pulled the perfect "Gotcha" on the rotund Governor of New Jersey. 

His appearance on ALL IN was laced with a wealth of information related to possible mismanagement of post disaster funds. I noticed Hayes made a few notes that should work to substantiate the heckler's claims or to refute the claims. As I reflected on my previous mention of Christie gulping that proverbial drink, I cannot help, but wonder if something the heckler said set the bully back thus throwing him off his game.

Nonetheless, Christie was the Christie of old. He was typically abrasive, macho, and bully ignorant. Isn't it amazing how Bridge-gate seems to have subsided for now, and the bully governor has shed the "I can be a nice guy" demeanor.

One other point and I am going to go here based on may observations. Do you ever tire of seeing Christie's wife standing the proper three feet to the rear with that ever-present grin on her face as Christie makes a macho fool of himself?

It is important to remember, Chris Christie is a Republican Governor. He aspires to be POTUS and thus his wife would become FLOTUS. Despite his major efforts at weight loss (for sake of outward appearance) he has neither the intellect nor the emotional composition to lead the free world as President of the United States.

Christie continued his machismo today. Kasie Hunt of MSNBC, reported on Christie's double-down.

Chris Christie on protester confrontation: ‘I make no apologies

“If you give respect, you get that back, if you don’t give respect, you know, I’m going to take you out on it. And that’s just how it goes.”

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