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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Chuck Todd (Misguided, Misplaced And Missteps)

The Small Image of the Day!
"I was sloppy" in saying Alison Lundergan Grimes was "disqualified"

Chuck Todd again inserted into GOP vs. DEM politics with words heard by millions. His efforts to backtrack the statement is comparable to the courtroom judge telling the jury to strike that last statement. Hell, the jury already heard the words and in some cases the words registered never to be forgotten. A tactic in the courtroom, I am certain Todd exercised  as craftily as a defense attorney.

NBC commits a political injustice and journalistic malpractice on a daily basis via Todd's high level placement and significant air-time. Actually, the network is committing a grievous act of journalistic malfeasance with the continued placement of Chuck Todd in high level news positions. Todd is MSNBC News director and he was recently handed the political reigns of the Meet The Press host chair. Both positions have in the days of early television through the mid 1970s were staffed with apolitical reporters and hosts.

Todd is by observation a conservative who can never admit to such until he ends-up on Fox News. He has been reported by an Ohio Attorney General to have commented on Ohio efforts to redistrict as a form of vote suppression.

January 2012 Politicol News
Yesterday, January 26, 2012 – Jon Husted tweeted that he had a private (unknown who attended) luncheon with NBC reporter Chuck Todd and said this:
Note He said: “Reform needs to happen and Chuck Todd agreed with that” in the terminology Husted said Chuck Todd agreed that the entire state and the entire country needs “redistricting reform”.
While we never received word about the extent of the luncheon guest list, one has to wonder about the genesis of Todd's words regarding redistricting. He knows redistricting is a common majority party legislative activity undertaken to influence the vote. Both parties redistrict.

When the alleged journalist becomes active in party politics, the journalist should cease to serve in the role of credible news professionals.

How about this? Hannity was in full suck-mode as he tooled around the "fake" bush ranch prior to an interview.
Hannity snuggling with Bush prior to their 2010 interview
Todd also showed his mantel after Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz went over the top at a Larry Klayman Tea Party event at which Confederate Flags became very visible. The protest was as phony as a three dollar bill as it was against the federal government shutdown Cruz literally orchestrated and led. Todd's contempt for Cruz and Palin's appearance was obvious and was laced with chagrin. He would only show the level of chagrin as such when "his team" blunders (much like you and me screaming at a coach's bad call in a football game).

Watch one minute..... (The video may have been removed..wonder why?)


Talking Points Memo is reporting on Todd's backtracking.


Todd: 'Sloppy' For Me To Say Alison Lundergan Grimes Was 'Disqualified'

Ever since he said that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes had "disqualified herself" in the Kentucky Senate race, NBC's Chuck Todd has grappled with the fallout.
After his comments were featured in a campaign ad by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R), the "Meet the Press" moderator cringed — even as he stood by his analysis. 
The criticism of Todd's observation, which came after Grimes lamely avoided a question about her support for President Obama, has intensified in recent days, particularly after a poll this week showed the Democrat running neck-and-neck with McConnell.
Read more
As stated about the TPM embed, Todd's backtrack is unacceptable. His Comments showed deep rooted anti-Democrat core and psyche. He placed his credibility on the line for sake of influencing and hopeful remarks. No competent journalist would have comment as such and it does little good for Todd to after the fact comeback with a perfunctory retraction.

I am personally amazed he did not 'cop' the standard GOP phraseology: "I was not articulate." Millionaire media darlings only rarely allow slips as such, unless the slip was a Freudian Slip.

The times of Journalism at this finest and most credible.....

...has given way to this.


Journalistic integrity has given way to media activism.


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