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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Governor Post Photoshop African-American On Website Page

GOP politicking and campaign manipulation continues and it grows sadder and sadder.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's campaign team sought opportunity to image Corbett as having interaction with black people via a photoshopped stock image of a black woman. Liberal America is reporting the image below appears on all campaign website pages. If you visit the link today, you will see a different image that also includes a black woman. It appears Corbett's campaign removed the original image. We are not aware of electronic design work Photoshopped) on the current image.

The image that shows up in the footer of every page of Gov. Corbett’s site.

As stated by Liberal America, the Photoshop images delivers a message beyond that of campaign imagery manipulation. It also sends a message that this GOP Governor has to present a false image of interaction with black people.

If you need another example of your GOP in campaign mode, recall this episode of minority group  audience manipulation.


Maybe, we shouldn't expect more from a political party with 92% white membership.  Stats at that level clearly denote a social ideology divide promulgated and fostered by the party. The stats also show party policy is such minorities avoid the party like a plague. As I witness such manipulation, I have to wonder how the "black conservative" feels about such manipulation.  

Once we get past GOP manipulation of visuals for political expedience, we arrive at the most critical point of all. The party will deploy any form of subterfuge to win elections.

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