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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious:The Black Pages and.... The Conservative Minstrel

Conservative America has deep and poisonous fissures among the 4% of African-Americans who subscribe to its ideology and the GOP.  

From time to time, I feel it important to provide a veritable zoo of those who so malign the African-American community, they actually embarrass themselves. 

While I understand most of what you are about to see and hear is about making money from white America, nonetheless these are people lost in their greed and some are lost in self-loathing of aspects of their ancestry. They are existential personal prostitutes without the straight-forwardness of a street walker. 

Lets start with the most sickening example of personal disgust and lack of intellect. It does not matter this man's family probably experienced forced sex (raped, provided sex for sake of family), may have been sold away from family, and his family obviously suffered psychological as he so clearly shows.

I thought I would spare the reader much more horrific images of human ownership readily available via a Google search.

For those who will appreciate the image without the opportunist white people.....The man in the image appears to be a black member of the US Army.

Notice the rifle in both images.

"Blacks are worse off today than at any other time in their history in America."

Next lets visit the zoo Viper Pit. This man so longs for a white male president, he opens his remarks with a racially demeaning exclamation. "Let's be honest.......!" Where was he when we suffered through the last white male president.

Fox News and celebrity worshippers think the following person adds value to any dialogue regarding race. I offer the perfect example of the zoo's cognitively deficient feline.

Now, for one of America's most disgusting examples of athletic ability breeds celebrity, but it does not feed the brain. And, this man is an ex-convict who dares to loathe the black community. His words are a pure sophism that some in the black community find acceptable. The problem is, who anointed Charles Barkley a credible judge of the black community. But, of course, my question was answered even before I keyboarded the sentence ending period. The white conservative media anointed the conservative idiot.

Hat Tip To a Facebook friend of the TPI for this link.

Post by Cut-n-Edge Cartoons.

I introduce the Swine Pen at the zoo.  Herman Cain has enamored himself to conservatives with frequent snipes at the black community. He snipes with no remedial offerings he simply snipes. Remedy, if one buy's his brain flatulence is never forthcoming he has no remedy beyond his rhetoric. First the white conservative will never accept his remedy. Second, the minstrel never performs beyond what is expected and beyond that, which benefits the minstrel.

He once exclaimed Obama was not black enough and also proclaimed himself a brother from another mother to the Koch brothers. Herman Cain is a full throttle butt-sucker who actually thinks the GOP considers him relevant.

These people know the GOP doesn't give a damn about nay minority and younger women. They especially know their affiliation is with an ideology that has denizens in the millions who hater their guts (despite their moon-shining). Barkley's remarks may not fall into the realm of pure minstrel moonshining, but one has to question his motive for responding to any questions that would elicit such disparaging remarks.

We will leave the zoo with an old adage.

"When you wallow in a pig pen, the pig loves it. You are wallowing in his pen and now you STINK!"



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