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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tracy Knauss Captures Legal Voting Rights Set Back For Republicans

Tracy Knauss gets the word as did I from friend of the TPI Sheila Datz and "the word" is fantastic. 

CHEATING REPUBLICANS SLAPPED DOWN BY TOP COURTS — After months of depressing news of Republicans cheating in our electoral process because that's the ONLY way they can win, I'm telling you right here and now we have some GREAT news for our nation and our Democratic Party. The SCOTUS has seen the light! You'll recall that recently the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act, with Chief Justice Roberts writing the majority decision. He felt we no longer have problems with people's right to vote being suppressed. However, today's SCOTUS decision might be their recognition of how very wrong they were. Wisconsin's "Republican sponsored Voter ID Law" has been struck down by a 8 to 3 decision with fascists Scalia, Thomas and Alito dissenting. Tells you who on the court wants to give the Republican Party an unfair advantage in national elections. Did I say those three jurists are Republican?! Also, today in Texas, a U.S. District Judge shot down the Texas Voter I.D. Laws, similar to those in Wisconsin. Federal Judge Nelve Gonzales Famos calls the Texas I.D. law  "an unconstitutional poll tax" that creates "an unconstitutional right to vote INTENDED to DISCRIMINATE" against those who primarily vote Democratic. In essence, Texas's Voter I.D. Law would have prevented almost a half million Texas Democrats from voting, all to prevent one or two cases of "voter fraud." In essence, the SCOTUS caught the Republicans for cheating. And it's about time! Spread the great news. Now let's see ALL of those voter suppressing, Republican sponsored "Voter I.D." laws fall as fast at marriage equality has been legalized in scores of states in our nation. 

(My thanks to Sheila Datz and Celin Navarro for notifying me about these two great decisions, so I could inform you.) 

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