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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Why Does Everything Have To Be About Race?"

How many times have your heard American conservatives go here: "Why does everything have to be racial?"

If you take a look at the elitist face of the white attorney above, does he not remind you of a Republican politician denying all improvements in the US economy? Doesn't he look just like the hundreds of republican elected official who continue to deny the benefit and compassion associated with the Affordable Care Act. Alas his image reminds of a Fox News host disparaging a female UAE fighter bomber pilot who led the first UAE air strike against ISIS ("Boobs on the Ground."). Better yet, I recall a Fox News segment of "white Santa; white Jesus", and its absolute disregard for all things non-white.

Now, we visit with the interchange that led to the pompous look imaged above.

Now that we have established a level of "white privilege" from the "learned" (Why Does Everything Have To Be About Race?) guest, let's take a look at the reality he chooses to ignore. 

"Why does everything have to be about race?" 

Other than destruction of Occupy Wall Street, occasional apprehension of drunken whites, and brutal cop assaults of white women who are most likely intoxicated, TV news coverage and print media isn't filled with images of cops abusing white people. I should also comment, not one Occupy Wall Street protester was shot and or summarily executed by police.

The CNN guest reminds of the typical conservative Fox News viewer who refuses to accept he reality of the video camera as a tool against racist oppression of people of color (specifically black people). Even the most ardent conservatives know (deep down) they occupy a privileged place in our society. They are insulated from brutality commonly exercised in lower income black communities and some seem to relish in their perceived privilege. His refusal to accept and acknowledge reality speaks volumes about his credibility as a legal analyst. Frankly, he joins a long list of CNN guest who often appear as out of touch with reality and willing to follow the "excitement news" production at CNN.  

How can any credible person deny the examples of outright racism and oppressive brutality associated with cop interaction with black men?  

The squeaky clean attorney could easily have intelligently addressed his panelists heartfelt concern for obviously disparate treatment of black men by white cops. Yet, he chose the quick and at-the-tip-of-his-tongue (and forefront of his brain) mantra of American conservatism: "Why does everything have to be about race?"

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