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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Visit With America's Dark Side: Conservatives Showing Well!

This past week found the very non-credible conservative propaganda site, Brietbart News Dot Com, doing what it does best. The site is the most reliable Internet tool for delivery of Right-wing propaganda and is often found to use strategically edited video to feed those who sit and inhale Bretbart's media output. 

Bretibart writers and editors pounced on President Obama's nominee Loretta Lynch without even performing a basic Journalism 101 check of information used to attack Lynch. Comedy Central's Colbert lashed into Breitbart as effectively and appropriately as any response I have seen.

It should be noted Breitbart fairly quickly returned to the scene of the crime and admitted its mistake.  

Beck is back with Crocodile tears and obvious tagging for a book!  How gullible are we?  Hell, he could not get doctors to provide a proper diagnoses because billionaires are never diagnosed as crazy. it is obvious Beck is on the losing side of sanity. 

When Fox News managers fulfill a mission to confront a so-called Independent Senator, the manager's stooges (highly compensated stooges) go about the business of Fox News. Problem? What happens when the Senator doesn't buy the Fox News propaganda model.

Now for the today's main attraction exhibit of American racism, Homophobia and outright hatred. And, to think a majority of the meager number of people who voted last week voted along side this creature.

The Dark Side grows and multiplies....

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