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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anonymous VS KKK: KKK Threatens And Uses Common Racists Disparaging Words; "Chimps" and "N" Word

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MSNBC's airing of the segment (two paragraphs below) has touched off the most intriguing non-combat battle in modern American History. The KKK vs. Anonymous (after an admission of a KKK connection to local police officers).

Chris Hayes, ALL In, granted air-time to a Missouri KKK Leader, Frank Ancona, Grand Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. I previously posted my thoughts on the futility of providing air-time to the white supremacist. In essence, Fox News nor CNN gave the racist air-time (until well after the MSNBC segment). Why would the supposed half-progressive network provide a forum for Ancona while performing another failed interview from Chris Hayes? Hayes has a way of fumbling interviews with guest who agree to come on his show with an obvious mission: deliver a message to Hayes's viewers.

If you did not follow the link above, here is a link to the Hayes interview. The KKK leader was allowed opportunity to "salt" lies across the MSNBC airways like many Fox News evening segments. He used racially charged comments regrading threats to police of their wives being raped (Black protesters; predominate white cops...get the innuendo?). He was allowed to spew bravado as is often the case on Fox News: "awakened a sleeping giant." And, he was allow to talk himself into a corner that fueled the hacktivst group Anonymous. He stated that his chapter had friends within local police departments. A mistake for the secretive racists and supremacist comparable to a the "oops" of a military officer after running or her mouth to the point of inadvertently divulging a battle field strategy. OOPS! Oral diarrhea does not clean-up so well.

In fairness to Hayes, he posted a brief rationale for booking the racist: linked here. As with his failed interview with Jennifer Stefano prior to the 2014 mid-term elections, he should avoid right-wing zealots who accepts invitations to his show to spew Right-wing garbage via Hayes's penchant for the gentlemanly approached to hostile guests. 

Ancona's "loose lips" and revelation of 'KKK friendly cops has led to the intriguing back and forth with Anonymous. While Anonymous struck the first blow via taking over Web pages and manipulation of Twitter accounts (including #Hoodsoff publishing of KKK member pictures), the white supremacist have threatened violence while sprinkling racist comments as one would expect from the KKK.

We have posted and linked two of the more recently salvos between Anonymous and the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

"We Will Hunt You Down" - KKK Declares War On Anonymous - "You'll Be Strung Up Next To The Chimps"

By Susan Duclos

The race war begins in Ferguson, Missouri where the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Verdict is expected to be handed down on the police shooting of Michael brown, where Anonymous activists are siding with the Ferguson protesters and now the KKK is threatening to shoot what they call "nigger lovers" as they say "we will hunt you down," accoding to this RT report (article here and video below). 


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News2Share reported on the ongoing battles.

Published on Nov 20, 2014
This video was received by News2share's Ford Fischer early this morning to release to the public. News2share should not be perceived as affiliated with Anonymous in any way.

After an online dispute, members of Anonymous hacked the official KKK Twitter page. As of Thursday morning, it is still under Anonymous control ( Following that hacking, a Pastebin ( was posted publicly online, purporting to be from Frank Ancona, Grand Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klu Klux Klan. In the statement, he threatens Anonymous directly by claiming that "we will hunt you down and tear those masks from your face. You'll be strung up next to the chimps. On display for the whole world to see. The Klan is to be feared, not threatened."

While the outcome of this feud is yet to be determined, Anonymous has claimed through this new video that "[The KKK's] violent ideology will not prevail in this fight."

CNN has reported that a decision regarding the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson could occur Friday, with an announcement Sunday. At that point, it is quite possible that the feelings expressed via videos like these and social media will be expressed on the streets of Ferguson from all sides.

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Media: Contact for questions or comments from News2share.

The battle continues....

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