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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chris Hayes Performs Yoemans Interview Job With Ferguson KKK Leader

Chris Hayes KKK

Watch this.... 

If you seriously believe hundreds of people are claiming the KKK complaining  about threats, cops wives being raped and various other lies from this KKK leader you are far beyond naive. You are gullible beyond belief. We should also add the KKK leader appears as dumb as a meandering snail.

It is a unfortunate Hayes didn't have a bit more time for the interview. He continues to extend courtesy to guest who are determined to over talk the host while delivering comments laced with lies. The KKK leader spoke about social media. Have we not witnessed the ease to which some the Right makes up lies and promulgates such across social media? Did you also notice the guest used the perfect "scare white people" mantra: rape the wives. The vast majority of Ferguson protesters are black; the vast majority of cops are white. Need I go farther with mention of the cops wives and the alleged rape perpetrators? 

Another point worth noting. Maybe it is time to investigate St. Louis Area Police Departments to determiner which cops have close affiliation with the KKK? I doubt any cop with friends in the local KKK can objectively and fairly administer the law.

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