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Thursday, November 27, 2014

(UPDATE From TYT) Did Someone Say Grand Jury? How About Prosecutor Malfeanse?


Regardless of your thoughts on the guilt or innocence of Darren Wilson, you would have to live the life of a self-centered ideologue to ignore the intricacies the Ferguson Grand Jury. You might be one who cares nothing about Justice for others as long as justice serves you well. Moreover, you may not even care about justice and actually place the fairness and balance of justice in display jars for retrieval at your convenience. 

When the system fails anyone, the system fails us all.  

As we move away from the Darren Wilson Grand jury proceedings, let's observe as details of the process devolve or fizzle into the latest national fiasco agaisnt justice.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell does it like few others. How about a segment of The Last Word.  You will find the 10 plus minutes as educational and relevant as any you may have sat through in years. If we cannot expend time for justice, we deny ourselves a great society.

There is something to be said about deeper cognitive thought accompanied by basic discernible language and communication messages that ensue. The process feeds the brain and insults against those who fall shy of living life with regard to fairness and equality for all. The O'Donnell segment for some should provide an epiphany comparable to something observed within the past year and will never forget.

Watch the figurative epiphany.

funny gifs

We could leave analysis and reporting regarding the Ferguson Grand Jury and the 'shepherd' prosecutor, but allow a few more segments from another MSNBC host: Chris Hayes, ALL In.

ALL IN 11/25/14
Was Ferguson grand jury process unusual? 
How unusual was the grand jury process that resulted in no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown?
ALL IN 11/25/14

Eyewitness Dorian Johnson tells Chris Hayes what he saw the day Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson.
ALL IN 11/26/14
African Americans and ‘superhumanization bias’ 
Darren Wilson’s testimony describing Michael Brown’s almost superhuman strength reflects common, subconscious perceptions about black people in America.
The Young Turks 11/27/14

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