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Monday, November 3, 2014

Ex-convict (murderer) threatens Obama: Arrested

Would you agree on a few points regarding the following image: suicide protest to the death.


1.  The fellow gets high marks for decisiveness. He decided to kill himself and decided to do it in a noble manner compared to the many surge killers we see these days. Surge killers kill the innocent before taking their own lies. High marks for Decisiveness!  Let's give him a 9 (nine) from 10 (ten) as the highest point score.

2.  The fellow gets the lowest remarks for Judgment. Let's face it taking one own life in such a horrific and demonstrative manner clearly denotes mantel illness. Lowest marks for Judgment...One (1). 

Thus he was very decisive an admirable trait while simultaneously exercising judgment comparable to a nation that elected George W. Bush and Dick Cheney twice. 

3. We can assume the Tibetan man wanted to protest via sending a (terminal) message. 

4. He took himself out without any prospect of or claims of dissonance. Heck he died.

Now let's contrast with another case of High Decisiveness and the Lowest (level of ) Judgment.  The next subject also wanted to exercise a protest. 

Christopher Perkins O’Brien
 The Baltimore Sun.....
O’Brien was convicted in 2007 of manslaughter in the strangulation death of a 32-year-old female friend, the paper has reported. He served part of a 10-year sentence for the crime, which was later reduced to involuntary manslaughter.
O'Brien is a murderer who leveraged the US Justice System for a reduction in his ten years sentence. The ex-convict actual murdered a person and served less that the years of his life. 

Skip forward and let's see how the ex-convict has managed life.  A clear picture emerges and yes, it is a picture framed in racism. Irrefutable evidence of a racist with Level 1 Judgment who has obliviously succumbed to the daily 27/7 anti-Obama propaganda from right-wing media. Let's take hid level of judgment down a notch to .05.  Last month Perkins sent email to the White House filled with an image of his inner core and evidence of a mentality begging to incarceration.

Fire Brand Progressives
“You stupid n——, between ISIS, homegrown terrorists/beheaders here in the USA, and now your inaction on EBOLA, do you want us all to f—— die?!?! I cannot wait to take out your worthless n—— ass, hope to reach out to slash Michele’s throat… You?? I will make a point to behead you, then throw your head into the nearest body of water, as I drive off into Maryland.”
The face of Obama Derangement and the heart of the racist.  A vie mix, but a mix that manifest in various forms across conservative America. Would you wager this man, if he watches news, does not watch progressive media nor the nascent deep right lean of CNN?
Unlike the Tibetan protester, the US racist, once caught and arrested, is reported to have done what many racist do when caught with their underwear around their ankles (male of female).  He copped a plea of sorrow  with implied longing for forgiveness. 

Local Baltimore media 
The Secret Service says in an affidavit that Christopher Perkins O'Brien of Annapolis sent an email to the White House on Oct. 16 threatening the president and Michelle Obama.      
Authorities say O'Brien identified himself in the message as "Mr. C.P. obrien" and listed a Maryland phone number. 
They say when they contacted O'Brien, he ultimately admitted sending the email after denying it several times. 
The affidavits says O'Brien told them that he never intended to carry out the threats and that he is too sick to cause anybody harm. Authorities said O'Brien expressed regret for sending the message, and felt embarrassed.
The standard conservative refrain when caught with the "N" word as a recent weapon.   A more descriptive indictment of US society and conservative America: the Obama family hater is a murderer who probably beat the Justice System via competent lawyers.  Yet, he anoints himself as a deliverer of death threats to the POTUS and FLOTUS while obviously buoyed by derangement media. 

Is there a reader who will contest the exercise of "white privilege?"

If the ex-convict was eligible to vote, do you think he would vote liberal, progressive of conservative?  It would be a shamed if you and he share ideology that could lead to the hypothetical common vote. Of course, he does not have voting rights based on his manslaughter convictions and time served.

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