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Monday, November 17, 2014

GOP And Conservative America Watch

Keeping an eye on the GOP
From time to time I relish sharing a few posts I run across in social media. While the number that pique my interest number in the thousands I save the good ones to share with the readers. Of course, you know the "good ones" relate to the GOP, conservatives and the mindless existence of Koch brothers stooges.

As an un-elected party leader Limbaugh lays the path for his elected followers to pursue yet another $24 to $28 billion hit to GDP.  

Post by Media Matters for America.

How about a peep at social inequality born of 1980s Reaganomics and fostered throughout the existence of all things GOP. 
Mitt Romney saber rattles with our kids while his klan clan is insulted from service int he US military. Typical elitist Top1% ers. In 2012, Ann Romney felt one of her boys going-off to serve as a missionary in South American qualified in comparison to our kids bearing way weapons. Didn't Mitt do the same to avoid Viet Nam?  
A bit more for war hawks on the Right.
Stand-by for the next barrage of GOPism.

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