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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jobs Numbers Continue To Show Growth, Unemployment Dips A Notch To 5.8%


Take look at a chart from the Rachel Maddow Blog's Steve Benen. While the Democrats spent the entire 2014 mid-term campaign season running from President Obama and his economic team like a pack of scared rabbits, the US economy continues to show signs of overcoming eight years of Bush style Reaganomics and two wars coupled with malicious manipulation of budgets within the administration's purview.

The October 2014 jobs numbers are in and unemployment down a notch to 5.8%. The lowest unemployment rate in six years.  You know what took place approximately six years ago. Since you expect me to blow the "I love Obama horn" allow me to throw you a change-up off speeder: Bush left office after eight years.

Maddow Blog....Steve Benen

The economy added yet another 200,000 plus jobs marking the 14th consecutive month of plus 200,000 private sector hires.

Benen also included another chart in the piece that is as related to the chart above as Democrats are at improving the US economy.

Now for a look at a major difference ow Clinton left Bush a thriving Jobs environment (especially public sector jobs) and how Bush left a diametrically opposite picture for Obama.

If we add Think Progress's behind the image look at Private Sector job growth, our appreciation for Obama's jobs record should have been front an center in the mid-term campaigns.  

The real bothersome aspect of the chart and points clearly illustrated therein......GOP governance is a clearly reality as the nation moves towards 2016.  'Within days of their wins on November 4th, Both Boenher and McConnell have declared  their commitment to the Keystone XL project and repeal of ObamaCare without any mention of maintaining economic growth and momentum as delineated in the charts above.

President Obama will survive the coming impeachment process from the GOP. It will happen as surely as the GOP takes money from the Kochs. They has the LEFT down and they have opportunity to punish Obama for the temerity associated with being elected twice. They also wish to punish you and me for electing him twice. My point?  As long as Obama is in the Oval Office, we as a nation have opportunity to appreciate job growth and lower unemployment. Rest assured a DEM loss of the Oval Office in 2016, will lead to regression to lower job growth and higher unemployment.

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