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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Justice Denied And A Reaction From Twitter (Web Lights)

I will not post comment about the Grand Jury ruling that freed the latest cop to enact exercise a justice system that allows the cop to serve as detective, prosecutor and executioner. Re-state, I will not do so until I start to see corroborating evidence of the the fallacy inherent in the (now celebrity) cop. And, that evidence will eventually ooz to the top, it always does.

As I perused social media this morning I found a quick hit piece from The Daily Kos, that truly lays open the extent to which the killing has energized a nation. Of course, a good portion of the energy is form the very people who will donate dollars to a half million dollar slush fund on behalf of the "killer cop."

You can rest assured, the TPI will not report on the coming Darren Wilson celebrity tour that will surely emanate from ratings seeking electronic media. 

The Daily Kos
Geotagged tweets on a map

The map below uses geotagged tweets to track topics on Twitter. Watch a stunning visualization of the reaction on Twitter last night as the announcement was made that Darren Wilson would not be indicted:

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