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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keystone XL Failed To Pass A Senate Vote (A Temporary Reprieve)

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MSNBC's Chris Hayes, ALL In, reported on the "one vote shy" outcome as follows.

Forty-two thousands pipeline jobs is as phony a statistic as the GOP promulgated level of voter fraud across the United States. The number is a flat out. 
CNN's Carol Costello invited Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont, on her show for what turned into yet another "ditzy" set of questions very much common to the host. Costello's turned head, raised chin, pleading demeanor style of interview is indicative of where US electronic media has gone: "to the pits."

Watch a less than two minute segment of the interview.

For those who prefer a script of the segment clip If You Only News offers this piece.

CNN producers and writers know the KXL project only offers job numbers in the tens of thousands if the numbers are extrapolated to thousands of peripheral temporary jobs. The perfect example: restaurant workers who will provide sustenance as the project is completed. They also know the project offers less than 50 full-time jobs and they also know there is no prospect of US energy consumption from oil derivatives developed and pipeline for consumption in Asia.

Trans Canada's CEO seems a bit nervous and unconformable while answering questions about the project and the talk of 42,000 jobs.

When networks like CNN and Fox align with big business lies, the nation suffers journalistic malpractice. Of course, I am reticent to mention Fox News and journalism in the same set of words, as the network serves a greater purpose for the GOP and potential US oligarchs. 

Unfortunately, the pipeline will get another vote in 2015, once the 114th Congress is sworn into office. Pipeline legislation will pass in both Houses of Congress and it will be President's Obama veto pen that will stall construction yet again. 

The Koch brothers stand to gain far too much from the completed KXL to believe it will quietly evaporate into the annals of US history. 

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