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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Connect The Dots USA: “What‘s On The Menu?” Quiz

Re Post from Connect The Dots USA

Connect The Dots USA

The results are in: The majority of voters who showed up for last week’s election are downright illogical and ungrateful…

First, we saw the majority of voters in several red states support raising the minimum wage on a ballot proposition, but at the same time vote for politicians that openly want to repeal (or at least suppress) the minimum wage. In Colorado, voters once again handily defeated the “fetal personhood” ballot proposition, but then turned around and voted to promote to the U.S. Senate the guy who sponsored the same piece of “personhood” legislation in the U.S. House.

In Kentucky, the same folks who love their “Kynect” — the name for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in Kentucky — once again elected Senator Mitch McConnell who ran on repealing Obamacare (Kynect) “root and branch.” We hear Americans constantly complain about gridlock in Washington and then they turned around and vote overwhelmingly for the same Republican obstructionists. Apparently, so they will get more gridlock.

While dialing to save the Senate, I talked to Jeff in Colorado who was pissed at Democrats for not passing Medicare-for-All, so now he was thinking of voting for Republicans. Because apparently he thinks that will get him closer to single-payer? WTF?!!! Talk about charging off in exactly the wrong direction!

OK, now my brain hurts.

This “Low Information Nation” cartoon highlights the problem:

So here’s the crux of the problem: When your are ill-informed about policy and civics, you end up voting based on personality and silliness. For democracy to work again, folks need to connect their CANDIDATE votes to the POLICIES they like.

To make an analogy, do you frequent a restaurant because you like the food or you like the chef? If you don’t even like what’s on the menu, what difference does it make if the chef goes to the same church, has a nice looking family, or knows how to castrate a pig? Citizens should approach voting the same way — if you don’t even like the policy menu, then don’t vote for that policy maker (politician). Makes sense, no?

Similarly, as a graphic designer, I trust my clients hire me first and foremost because they like the design work in my portfolio. And my delightful personality is just a little extra bonus! 

Which brings us to ConnectTheDotsUSA’s “What‘s On The Menu?” quiz. On the left, you’ll see a menu of Progressive policies. All these policies are very popular with the American people in poll after poll, and yet they are considered “left-wing” according today’s political battle lines. That’s because the Republican party has moved so far to crazy town over the last three decades, dragging the political center with them. If you like the majority of policies on the left side and want a policy maker who fights for your values, you are a Lefty/Progressive by today’s standards and should stop voting Republican, Libertarian, “Centrist” or “Moderate.”

On the right, you’ll see the corresponding policy on the Regressive menu. While there is an occasional exception here and there —Ron Paul’s isolationism or Dick Cheney’s support of marriage equality because he has a gay daughter — these are the policies that Republicans and other right-wingers support in lock-step. Because many of these right-wing policies are unpopular with the American public, BIG CONservatives often resort to manipulative language to sell them. The Orwellian framing has been decoded here.

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