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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The ACA (The Good), GOP Resistance (The Bad), Koch Funded Attacks (The Ugly)

The Koch brothers's GOP is hell bent on repeal the Affordable Care Act. GOP leadership continue to rail about public perception of the law and it deleterious affect on the nation. Boehner and McConnell must be reading Drudge or Breitbart News for breakfast.

October 2013

CNN/ORC Poll (taken between September 27th and 29th of 803 nationwide adults, with a 3.5 point margin of error).

GOP Wrong About Public Opinion Of A.C.A.

The Morning Consult Healthcare Poll (taken between September 25th and 28th of 1,976 registered voters nationwide, with a 2 point margin of error).

GOP Wrong About Public Opinion Of A.C.A.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes has over the past two days broadcast meaningful information about the GOP's continued attacks on the ACA (AKA, ObamaCare). In addition to Koch brothers commitment to repealing the law, the GOP has no interests in any programs that benefit you and me. 

We start with a segment from ALL IN from yesterday (November 17, 2014). While I also feel the crass comments from the motor-mouthed academic Gruber, regarding the American public are reprehensible, his comments cannot be used to provide Fox News and GOP firing lines against a law that is benefiting so many Americans. Americana who either had no medical coverage or restricted and precarious coverage. In some case precarious coverage was welcomed and cherished by people willing to take the big risk of accident free health for lower premiums and astronomical deductibles and co-payments.

ALL IN November 17th segment

The Brookings Institute published a piece this past January, that adroitly addressed how the Affordable Care Act reaches into American society in ways only the inner core of plan framers could have visualized. I will add that visualization was problem if at all a reality may have been comparable to the hope of landing an spacecraft on a comet rolling along at 41,000 miles per hour.

The Brookings's piece included the following chart in its 13 point (must read) analysis and subsequent treatise. I have linked the Brooking page as a caption under the chart. 
Embedded image permalink
Brookings January 2014
Is there any wonder upper-crust conservatives are averse to the ACA?  If we think back to GOP aversion to all laws and federal programs that benefit the bottom 20% of Americans, their extreme abhorrence of the ACA is no surprise. There is value in reminding the public the GOP has Social Security and Medicare in its "program elimination" cross hairs; a fact that will never change. 

Hayes on earlier this evening (November 18th). 

When I think in terms of the ACA and GOP efforts to repeal the law, my mind visits  a few critical areas of contemplation.

I.  Koch brothers and GOP aversion to the laws stated above. Two of the wealthiest people on Earth would deprive the worlds less fortunate of life sustaining medical coverage.

II. GOP House leadership expended $86.4 million dollars on frivolous repeal ACA votes they knew would not find support int he US senate. ($1.6 million per vote X 54 votes) Thus House leadership marched to a drum that I feel was ratty-tat-tatted out of Wichita, Kansas. "We really must pay our debts." 

III. Ted Cruz led  Congressional conservatives in in shutting down the US government at $24 to $28 billion hit to GDP.

IV. Repealing the law would cast millions back to the ravages of pain and suffering while hoping they would not suffer illness or accident.  Let's not even think about living with no dental care!

V. I visit Charles Gaba's ACA Signup Dot Net and refresh my liberal excitement about the ACa by viewing a few charts.

The Original Graph (2014)



And then I thank the higher spirit whatever you chose to call it that the nation has a toe in healthcare for people who need it most or people previously held under the vile grip of US BIG HEALTH/BIG INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA ad their cash contribution on stiff politicians.  

The ACA works!

Jon Stewart explores... "IT IS WORKING" and cuts across the obstruction chaff. 

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