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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Affinity For Exercising "White Privilege"

And America Regresses!

Read the headline below the image! No, try to avoid getting stuck on the image, read the headline.

The Principal demeans his or herself for coming to the defense of these young racists

Oh, I forgot these are just kids, right? If you think I am being harsh, think in terms of at least one of the freaks asking their parents about the planned stunt and what advice they may have received. 

No this is pure "white privilege."

A group of seniors in Sullivan, Missouri was criticized after donning blackface for an intramural football game, which their principal said fueled a...

The original writer of the Facebook post was a bit naive. The writer assumed the racist twits concocted the demonstration and enacted the stunt without adult supervision. Well, the writer probably learned a lesson about America.

Apparently, there is no need to check with parents it looks as if the coaches condoned the act. A full view of the image.


I mentioned the Principal in the opening remarks 
(above). I should be known there was more to the story than was originally published.

The affinity for exercising white privilege does not always come from white supremacists or Fox News.

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