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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: GOP Women At Thanksgiving Week

Racism, Ignorance, lies and The Obama Thanksgiving "Hater" ALL GOP Women!

Could someone help me understand why these utterances are not pure racism?

Yes, Bachmann "went there."  Do they not realize that carefully archived US History is 180 degree opposite her fact (empty) lie recanting.  But, of course, we know she speaks to people who are susceptible to her insanity.

Elizabeth Lauten
It is so obvious the social/political Right is consumed with hatred of the Obama's and their life as denizens of the White House. We now have another example of a Right-wing hater (Republican) garnering  praise from the Right for attacking the Obama daughters and throwing right-wing fodder regarding Obama and FLOTUS as 'disrespectful." 


Jan 2007 Funny, funny! Not really, imagine President Obama quipping and joking as such. 

Machismo and bravado was rampant before the nation's economic collapse. six months after these January exhibitions, his world changed exponentially and with an economic slant. Did you imagine President Obama saying and performing similarly?
The Great Bush Recession started in December 2007. The Bush Administration denied the recession until  after the GOP McCain/Palin loss in November 2008.
April 2008
Within weeks of the November election President Elect Barack Obama.
December 2008. "Today's Jobs data...."  
He should have said: "Now that the election is over and considering today's jobs data....."
As the Obama's continue the presidential tradition (since Ronald Reagan) with the "Pardon the Turkey" thing, the public relations ploy has worn a bit thin.  It is obvious years ago the Obama daughters had no interest in the camera and P/R Op.  Why bother with nit-picking and comment to exit the Haters? The question is rhetorical. why know why...don't we!
Bush in China October 2008.
The GOP official from Tennessee, forgets, we have video archived.

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