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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Daily Ignominious: Fox News, Rand Paul And The Deception Continues!

Fox News Does it best! The network shows exactly why the USA is no longer an exceptional nation. The extent to which the 92% white party exist with copious numbers of its racist and bigots thriving within Fox viewership one should induce wonder about the GOP's net long-term effect on the greater society. While racism and bigotry are mental deficiencies innate and inherent to families while nurtured via school and friends, we now have a media vehicle for its spread and proliferation. Fox News practices racial divisiveness via its non-coverage of any news items that show the sick underbelly of the GOP.  

Watch as Fox News fulfills its role in service to conservative America. 

Greg Proops, Gilded balloon
How dd that end up in this post?

GOP minstrels exhibits (A,

B)while many in their party show the real core of the GOP.     
If you watched the video, you just witnessed an example of people who will claw like a dying animal for booking on Fox News. Each GOP showcase guess is aware their party is beset with levels of racism that oozes at the corners like a can of counter popped refrigerated biscuits. They know when booked their role is to join Fox in spewing contempt  for any person or entity who does not accept their "house" Negro view of a party that  is clearly inbred with over-the-top racism and insensitivity towards all things non-white. No matter the language nor their extent of sophism, the two people are false prophets who over the long run accomplishes no good for the GOP. Why not go on Fox News and rail about deep racism in the party? Why not simply avoid following Sean Hannity's lead statements and work to better the social core of their party? Of course, my questions are rhetorical.  Fox would not book Rice and Scott for honest assessment of deep rotted racism in the GOP.

Why provide a forum for open dialog on topics that will become critical to the GOP? Hannity actually doesn't question certain guest. He frames the parameters of guest responses and no one strays from his script. Any guest who would stray the script would receive a mini-Bill O'Reilly emotional breakdown replete with copious amounts of horrific facial expressions, raised voices and inadvertent anger lades spit-um. 

Growing racism aside lets take a look at Fox from another angle. Well, I stand correct race is also at the core of the next Facebook, embed. Rand Paul provides a platform for the insane racially insensitive views and comments of Fox News's number of legal demagogue. 

Rand Paul says: "Judge Napolitano gets it."

Post by Salon.

Neapolitano via The TPI.....

It seems Fox News viewers ravish exposure to race based reporting and stories like no other network

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