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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Ugliness Of Conservative America's Demagogues

A Visit on the Dark Side

We must start our early week review of conservative America with the ultimate racist: Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani joined a Meet The Press panel and during a discussion of Ferguson Missouri removed his glasses and spewed racist remarks much like the KKK leader who spewed similar garbage with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. He pulled out the "black on black" crime mantra and rubbed a tragic social problem in the face of panelist Micheal Eric Dyson. The Conservative dog whistle is no different than the Grand Dragon of the Traditionalist Klu Klux Klan stating St. Louis area cops received threat of spousal rape by protesters. Get it? Predominately white police forces and predominate black protest and the word "rape." Yes, you got it! Guiliani's "black on black" crime was tantamount to throwing a punching (after removing his glasses) and was little different than the KKK leaders use of racially charge oratory.


“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.” 
"It is the reason for the heavy police presence in the black community," he said. "White police officers won't be there if you weren't killing each other 70 percent of the time." 
Dyson shot back at Giuliani and said, "this is a defense mechanism of white supremacy at work in your mind."
Watch the clip via NBC:

In July 2013, Melissa Harris Perry hosted a panel that include race activism educator and lecturer Tim Wise. After the conservative phraseology cross ed the studio set, Wise patiently waited for an opportunity to retort against the racially convenient dog whistle. 

As we run through a few segments, we list the following segment right up front. One would think the GOP leader (of both houses) would have a better answer when asked about how he would respond to the president. 

Ted Cruz could only offer what amounted to gibberish diarrhea.

On CNN Lindsey Graham fulfilled his Sunday morning duties by calling the GOP House report on Benghazi the "C" Word: "full of crap."                                                 

Post by Andrew Rei.

Now, watch the power of the big pay check and its influence on human behavior. The Fox news demagogue knows the US was not "fine" before President Obama was elected president. He knows he lies and he knows his viewers are sympathetic ears who accept any line he shovels them.  Eric Bolling doesn't have an iota of credibility and is often the spewer of vile misinformation and disgusting humor on the Fox News Show "The Five." How about his recent comments about the woman United Arab Emirates (Muslim) fighter pilot who delivered ordinance against ISIL target? He quipped about "boobs on the ground."   Bolling knows the reality of Fox News viewers.

An easy pay check!

Watch as Bolling feeds his viewers pure unadulterated toiler fodder.

If Bolling is corrects if he speaks of.....
Reduced deficits,   
Less US troops at war,  
Elimination of DADT and DOMA, 
The Lilyledbetter Fair Pay Act,  
The Affordable Care Act,  
DREAMER executive action, 
Immigration executive action,  
Revived international  respect for the Office of the    Presidency, 
A revived and reinvigorated US economy, 
A vibrant auto industry hosting millions of thousands jobs in related industries 
Bolling also knows this.... Bolling also knows this.....

Bolling certainly knows his GOP fought the Stimulus as if re-fighting the Civil War and factually gave Obama $400 million less than the Administration request.

In 2012, the most telling of memes was published with a contrast of Reagan and Obama with consideration of lauding Reagan and vilifying Obama.

Bolling would not know the details of the facts in the meme, but he knows his oratory is pure bill for the ears of "toilets." 

But, when serving Tin Hat viewers the afore-mentioned facts and illustrations mean nothing.

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