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Sunday, December 21, 2014

If You Only News Screeds On White Pride FaceBook Pages

A little something from If You Only News. It is a relevant as it gets!

It seems that some people are fed up with all the focus on things like institutional racism and the struggles of black people, and are wondering why nobody talks about the struggles of white people, too. The struggles of white people get ignored, and even swept under the rug, whenever we talk about how the system is rigged against black people.

Now, some of these people are taking their frustration to Facebook in the form of communities and pages. One such community is not-so-cleverly called, “Caucasian Frustration.”
We sometimes hear, “What about us whites?” Some say, “Nobody helped ME; I did everything by my own damn self. Why all the focus and effort on helping blacks?” Of course, many right now are saying something to the tune of, “I broke the law and I accepted the consequences. What is with excusing black people who break the law?” (hint: Those consequences you faced didn’t include your death). And so forth.

These people just don’t get it, as exemplified in images found on Caucasian Frustration’s page:
Mr. Obama, your EPA killed Daddy’s coal job, so he looked all over…but he can’t find his white privilege. Can you ask Santa to bring us some?
White privilege? White privilege is a myth perpetuated by those who hate white people.
Lords, gods and minor deities…really?

Then, an article they posted carries a blue link to another page that’s just simply called “White People.”

That page has over 6,000 likes, and is full of the same type of crap. There’s an article about how the media’s ignoring black gangs attacking white people in St. Louis. Another story carries the headline, “White 6th Grade Teacher ‘BRUTALLY MASSACRED’ By Black Terrorists in Pennslyvania [sic].” Black terrorists? Do these idiots even know what terrorists actually are?
Sifting through the nonsense on these pages uncovers an entire network of disillusioned white people who seem to think racism goes both ways, and whites suffer equally at the hands of blacks, as blacks do at the hands of whites. They believe the problem would come to light if the racist mainstream media would just freaking cover it, instead of bending over backwards for black people.

The problem however, is that these people have a severe and sorry lack of understanding of what white privilege really is. These people associate the word “privilege” with “wealth,” and are quick to point out that there are plenty of poor, white families with hungry children, too. 

“Where’s theirwhite privilege?!” they cry out.

Here’s white privilege:
White privilege means going to a job interview without having to keep in mind that your interviewer will probably be of a different race, and might just hate your “kind” because of it.

White privilege is having a stronger chance of getting into better schools, or getting better jobs, simply because you have an Anglo-sounding name (think this doesn’t happen? Think again.). This also applies to living in typically white areas, or going to schools that are more likely to be associated with the white community.
White privilege means being able to turn on the television and see your own race well represented everywhere. It means opening the newspaper, getting online, or basically opening whatever your preferred windows to the world are, and seeing white people prominently featured all over the place.

White privilege allows a group of white people to walk peacefully down the street in the middle of the night without attracting undue attention from residents or the police (read: people are less likely to automatically assume that you’re out looking for trouble if you’re white in that situation).
White privilege is automatically getting the benefit of the doubt from the court of public opinion (not to mention judges and juries) if you’re brutally attacked by a police officer (meaning that people are far more likely to automatically think, “F**k the police!” if you’re white, but will hesitate and wonder what you did to provoke the officer if you’re black).

White privilege is having a disproportionate number of white celebrities vs. black celebrities and celebrities of other minority groups.

White privilege is having your race’s history be an integral and ingrained part of standard school history curriculum. This is why we don’t have a “White History” month—we don’t need it!
White privilege is not having to worry that everyone will automatically assume you’re a criminal because you’re wearing certain clothing.

White privilege is the media flashing the nicest, most upstanding picture of you on the screen while doing a story about how you were beaten or murdered by police, and talking about all the good you did in your community, instead of digging up the most incriminating picture they can find and talking about your criminal history, or the criminal histories of your friends and family if they can’t find anything on you.

The list goes on, and on, and on, way into the distance. It has nothing to do with wealth. It has nothing to do with whether you believe you had help getting to where you are in life. It has everything to do with associating “good” with “white,” and “bad,” with “black,” and not even really realizing that you do it. It has to do with how we elevate white people automatically, in every aspect of life. People who scream and cry, “What about US?” do not understand what white privilege really is, and why it’s such a problem.

White privilege and institutional racism go hand in hand. The people who created these Facebook pages, and the people who “like” and agree with them, will probably never understand that because they’re so convinced that blacks have it impossibly easy here thanks to, well, everything that doesn’t focus on elevating white people. They are the problem.

Featured image via Caucasian Frustration Facebook page

End If You Only News piece

The following graphic provides a look at the Fabric of Oppression that embodies the phenomenon of White Privilege.

Denialist white people can wallowing in their state of privilege, but they cannot change the reality of joining of umbrella spokes in the Fabric.

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