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Friday, December 5, 2014

Bob Cesca Screeds:The Reality Of Black Crime With Eric Garner's Spirit As Guardian

Trayvon Martin happy teen!
As Fox News continues to feed its viewers with superfluous and insensitive segments developed to entertain the far-right in America we should be thankful for social media. In the past, we could run over to CNN for alternative and quasi-unbiased news; no more. The prospect of CNN as a balance between Fox and MSNBC is as extinct Jurassic Era dinosaur. CNN has move to near "Fox" clone. Social media offers opportunity for more and varied news stories often crafted with interesting opine and comment from writers much more competent than cable news writers. Social media without question provides a wealth of information well beyond the scope of the narrowly focused time constrained reports from electronic media. Of course, one must carefully sort through any verbiage and stories from social media and recognize deep differences in progressive vs. conservative ideology. If reviewed with any degree of intelligence and a tendency to ask questions beyond the written word, we have opportunity to exist as (HIVs) high information voters and well informed Americans.

As you think of my comments above, think about what you are about to see and hear from Fox News.  Fox producers and writers dispatch Gretchen Carlson to their broadcast set to bemoan the prospect of a spoiled Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting possibly dampened by the recent Eric Garner "murder by cops" New York Grand Jury ruling. I apologize in advance for an inability to capture key parts of the video clip, thus relieving you of the horrors of Gretchen Carlson fro more than a few seconds.

Post by Ring of Fire.

Now take a few minutes and read from the mind of a person with full grasp of logic, perception beyond his own paradigm, rational thought,  sensitivity and gifted cognitive processes. I would be remiss if I did not add the writer screeds to an audience of informed, open-minded progressives; quite the opposite of the Fox News viewer.
Eric Garner..HappyTimes

Bob Cesca's The Daily Banter.

Throughout the Banter piece, Cesca addresses facts related to how US law impacts the black community vs. perceptions held by some whites. Before reading an excerpt from the piece, peruse a few facts Cesca included for perspective. 

The Reality of Black Crime and Why There’s No Justice for Eric Garner

–Right off the bat, younger inner city African-American men are far less capable of affording effective legal counsel and are therefore convicted more often than white suburban men.  
–Around 13 percent of drug users are black, yet 46 percent of blacks are convicted on drug charges. Put another way, five times as many whites as blacks reportedly use and sell illegal drugs, yet blacks are incarcerated for drug offenses 10 times more often than whites for the same offenses. Why?  
–Prison sentences for blacks are 10 percent longer than sentences for whites.

–Prosecutors seek mandatory minimums for black suspects 21 percent more often than whites. 
–Blacks are 20 percent more likely to be convicted.  
–The Justice Department reported that blacks and Hispanics are far more likely to be searched during traffic stops — three times more likely, while police officers are four times more likely to use force. Likewise, blacks are also three times more likely than whites to be arrested during traffic stops.
–A 2005 DOJ report based on 80,000 cases determined that even though whites represented 70 percent of the population, they’re only stopped nine percent of the time.
Could it be that the statistics showing astronomical urban street crime by African-Americans be significantly skewed by racial bias and profiling? Clearly.

Cesca's facts are preceded by thought-filled comment very much uncommon among the majority of white Americans. Expend a few minutes on excerpt from the piece, that reminds of the anti-racist lecturer and educator, Tim Wise

But instead of attempting to understand the full scope of what men like Eric Garner have had to endure, we too often hear closed-minded white people suggest that the number of black men profiled and killed by police during arrest scenarios is merely commensurate with the black male crime rate. And this is supposed to make profiling and excessive force okay.
It’s a cheap and superficial argument, insinuating that black men are somehow asking for it. Throughout the day yesterday, I heard from various people, especially Joe Scarborough supporters, who told me that Michael Brown and Eric Garner decided their own fates, both individually and societally, even though, in a fair and just world, neither of them deserved summary executions in the street. 
Even though many in the Scarborough camp refuse to accept statistical reality (a sign of possible racial bias itself), let’s take a look at some of the massive disparities between the white and black experiences within the judicial system.
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The following video clip illustrates Bob Cesca's point and exemplifies how some view the murder of Eric Garner. Watch the couple in the background as the remote reporter goes about her report.  Shamefully, the couple may very well embody the essence of sentiment from many white Americans and subservient affiliated black conservatives.

The real sadness of what we are seeing form many Americans and the authorities relates to life as it should not have to exist. 

The Justice system has become a veritable mockery. As we move away from the cop murders currently occupying the news; findings related to those who kill are alarming. Police Departments seem to employ hiring practices that result in employing intolerant, under-educated and in some cases racially biased officers. In the case of the Cleveland cop who killed the 12 year old Tamir Rice, the rookie cop is reported (by his father) to have commented he wanted to leave the small police department (with a tarnished personnel file) for a department where he could "see some action." How does the system fail with such tragic consequences?

It is refreshing to read screeds like Cesca piece. He not only recognizes flaws in the US Justice System, he boldly presents facts and his thoughts on American justice in a plain-talk and skillful manner. Beyond Cesca's remarks, if we also fail to recognize the developing militarization of law enforcement coupled with obvious intolerance of people of color, we also fail to recognize the ease in flipping the switch to depriving you of justice as you know it now.

Michael Brown....Happy Times

Murderers Row: Two now have money to sustain life without working for a living (bounty?) and the other will surely ascend to a level of financial independence. After, the New York Grand Jury ruling, I have no doubt there is a move to develop a "defense" fund. The common thread: the killing of an African-American.

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