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Monday, December 22, 2014

Charles Gaba's ACA Enrollment (2015)

As reports come forth of significantly lower numbers of American uninsured, Charles Gaba continues his unique and adroit tracking of Qualified Health Plans enrollment as well as Medicaid overage. I should note Gaba also performs an exemplary job of tracking and reporting on issues peripheral to the ACA .  

Note the chart has a reference to 1/15/2014. It seems the date should read 115/2015 (according to the chart "X" Axis). 

December 20, 2014 

Charles Gaba's blog

A Bump to 8.1M by 12/23...and where things go from here

Submitted by Charles Gaba on 12/19/2014 - 4:09pm.

When I made my original projection of 12.0 million QHP selections by 2/15/15, I assumed that roughly 6.1 million of the 6.7 million current 2014 enrollees would re-up via one of three methods:
  • Actively logging into their existing account and renewing their current policy/switching to a different one
  • Actively creating a new account (in states like MA, MD, OR & NV) and enrolling the same/a different policy for 2015
  • Taking no action whatsoever and being automatically re-enrolled in their current account (or one nearly identical if the current one is no longer available).
In other words, I was operating on the assumption that roughly 6.1 million (91%) of current enrollees would stay on board one way or another, plus another 5.9 million new folks signing up for the first time.
THE EXCHANGE Qualified Health Policy (QHP GRAPH:

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