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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Conservative Watch: Coburn Dumps Vets; Koch Cliams Liberalism; Torture Draws Attention; McCain Declares War; Cop Wishes For Slavery

The US Senator depicted in the following embed is a war mongering fool. The nation should be thankful he was not elected to the Oval Office in 2008. We also avoided the embarrassing horrors of Sarah Palin in the White House.

Mother Jones

McCain is a Cold War relic comparable to Vladmir Putin and equally dangerous to the US.

A Koch claims social liberalism! As he works and spends millions to segregate school systems in select state counties. Social liberals do not drive their political stooges to deprive minorities the right to vote. Social liberals also would support the Affordable Care Act with zeal or ral for Universal single-payer coverage for all. While in the realm of business (where there is little to no liberalism), a social liberal would fight for equal wages regardless of gender and would without question support increasing the minimum wage. Most social liberals accept climate change and stand against carbon emissions. 

As the Right (Republicans) go about blaming President Obama and New York mayor De Blasio for the killing of two NYC Cops by a deranged felon, we watch and report.

Post by Salon.

Post by Sheila Datz.

 Let's cut the bull and accept that we have a problem and it centers around law enforcement. While there is o excuse or logic for killing cps who are simply on duty performing their jobs, we must accept that we are seeing increased levels of abuse from the men in blue.

Torture has back into the news. I remain committed to my 2009 belief the newly elected President Obama should have ordered DOJ investigation any and all matters that led to US sanction torture and the outing of an active CIA Agent (Valerie Plame). Obama opted for the common practice of leaving the previous administration to historical interpretation by others. He failed to hold the US up as a beacon of adherence to international law. Obama underestimated the GOP, if the president felt the investigation would sour the atmosphere his new administration. The atmosphere was soured when McCain conceded defeat on November of 2008. It grew rancid the evening of Obama's inauguration while the POTUS and FLOTUS danced at various balls, 17 GOP operatives plotted obstruction against the nation.

We now have another European legal entity that has filed a legal action against the Bush Administration. 

Liberal America's Tiffany Willis.....
The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights has filed a criminal complaint against U.S. torture program architects and members of the Bush Administration.

The GOP continues its anti-Veterans policy and practice.  And, think of all the vets and troops who vote GOP.

Let's end this tree with a reminder of caution regrading people who are paid to enforce the law. 

An almost cop from Fairview, Ohio exemplifies the very mindset that has contributed to increased cop abuse against the Black community.  Reports are Aaron McNamara is not an actual badge carrying cop (Auxillary officer), but his future may very well have included employment in a capacity where racist inner core could have lead to unbalanced treatment of African-American citizens.
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 5.39.21 PM
I you want a clearer picture of the young racist law enforcement "wanna be" visit Clevescene and the racists; Twitter account. It should be noted the racist scrub his account after the revelations and I have red his account has been deleted.

The racist is no longer in associated with the auxiliary force.
Isn't it sad how a persons upbringing leads to a trashy adult. No matter the level of hatred wishing a human being into slavery is the absolute worse.

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