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Friday, December 19, 2014

Fourteen Year Old Exonerated After 70 Years; US SCOTUS grants broader Cop Authrority

An American tragedy indicative of Jim Crow America and a reminder of the depth of disparity in the US Justice System for some Americans. 

George Stinney Jr.
[image by South Carolina Police]
  • George Stinney
  • 14 years of age 
  • Convicted ad executed three months after being tried for raping two white girls
  • Convicted by a 12 man (all white) jury after;deliberating a mere ten minutes
  • Home State: South Carolina
  • Conviction overturned 70 years after death by South Carolina Judge Carmen Mullins 
Read the full story, here.

Let's take a few minutes and listen to a communications master and progressive commentator as he offers a unique perspective on the Stinney murder. Lawrence O'Donnell,  The Last Word adds additional details to a story so horrific only a minority of American could fathom such a reality.

The Stinney officially comes to a fitting end 70 years after a gross miscarriage of justice. Nestled-in the week Judge Mullins vacated the conviction, we were exposed to yet another police official who holds the justice system up as fair and balanced. Ari Melber, MSNBC's All In, with a Cleveland Police Association official.

" what we say and if we are wrong the courts will sort it out." (paraphrased)

Full segment 8:22 minutes..... A must watch if you want to see pure authoritarianism develop in he US. 


If by any stretch you feel my characterization of growing cop militarism and cops only friendly courts does not indicate growing storm-trooper like authoritarianism checkout the latest sanction of such via the SCOTUS. 

Stinney's legacy has gone down in US History at a time when law enforcement and our courts are reaching lower and lower into the depths. It seems law enforcement and associate justice departments are appearing more totalitarian in enforcement of the law common to major.

The Third Reich existed in part based on similar carte blanching from a subservient court system. George W. Bush used  select and handpicked Justice Department facilitators to perpetrate nation sanctioned torture. And the US SCOTUS gives cops the authority to search your automobile without proper cause. Do you think for one second the SCOTUS hasn't granted police forces more authority to persecute and oppress in the name of the law?

The freed spirit of young George Stinney would probably have great suspicion.

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