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Monday, December 22, 2014

Fox News And Baltimore Affiliate Edit Video: Sharpton Receives Death Threats

Yesterday,I published a piece related to Fox News's strategic editing of video to show the appearance of Al Sharpton at an anti-cop protest in New York City. The network makes no pretense of real news while broadcasting edited segments akin to image and video editing from the deceased Andrew Breitbart and the felon James O'Keeffe. Sharpton has reported calls with death threats after the shooting of two NYC cops. Fox is as responsible for the death threats as the fact a deranged ex-convict who I reported to have attempted suicide 2013.

The network continues to broadcast edited video with the express intent of feeding the minds and psyches of its viewers. How about an image that more than accurately depicts the symbiotic relationship of Fox News and its viewers?

Personally, my favorite Fox News depiction is.....

Fox misleads its sycophant viewers who in-turn reward the network's political entertainment with ratings bonanzas. 

A Fox News affiliate recently joined the parent company flagship Network with its version of "edit for affect."

Watch the CSPAN version of the video (via GAWKER) and the take a look and listen at the Fox News Baltimore affiliate.

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”
Here is the original raw footage, via C-SPAN:
And here is an excerpt from the WBFF report:
TPM excerpt

A Fox affiliate in Baltimore aired a segment on Sunday showing footage from a "Justice For All" demonstration in Washington, D.C. in which it edited a chant to sound like protestors were shouting "kill a cop."

"At this rally in Washington, D.C. protestors chanted, 'we won't stop, we can't stop, so kill a cop,'" the WBFF broadcast said.

But the full footage, flagged by Gawker on Monday via C-SPAN, revealed that the chant was "we won't stop, we can't stop, 'til killer cops are in cell blocks."

The protest was attended by Rev. Al Sharpton. YouTube videos of the misinterpreted chant contain labels such as "Sharpton's 'Go Kill A Cop' March."
Read more linked above

There is no surprise at the level and scope of Fox News lies and misleading reports. The network won a court case in 2000 that four years after the network's inception granted it free reign to broadcast in any manner that fits its owner's business model.

False edits or not, Fox is only guilty of giving its viewers what they seek. A most dangerous symbiosis!

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