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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GOP Number Three In the US House Has A History With White Supremacists.

Republican leadership is now rallying around their recently appointed (elected) Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R) Louisiana. Over the Christmas weekend revelations he accepted an invitation to speak at a "white nationalist" event, hit social media comparable to a Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puff" brain flatulence comment. The revelations include passages from a piece posted on the ultra-racist website Stormfront.  When any elected official at any level of government receives comments that read as lauding for Stormfront, the official should consider stepping out of any leadership role. You might say, Scalise spoke to the group as a Louisiana state senator. I retort, "All the more reason to step out of public office as the 2002 speaking event reveals Scalise as a racist or white supremacist sympathizer well before he was elected to his seat in the US Congress."  

The state senator spoke to the group for political gain at the state level. He may not in 2002 have decided occupy a seat in the US Congress. Let's face it, we have an existential reality. The story was hidden and ;buried in a Scalise closet for well over a decade.&

Over the weekend, Scalise's office issued a statement regarding the revelation. Politico captured the statement and posted the following as part of a piece related to Scalise 2002 fraternization with the supremacists:

A Scalise aide said the Louisiana Republican “doesn’t remember speaking to this group and we don’t have any record of his agenda from ’02.” The aide said Scalise had just one staffer when he was a state representative. 
But the Scalise aide Monday said he spoke at that hotel “a lot” and frequently talked about a ballot initiative that would’ve impacted the slush fund being described. If he did speak to the group, the Scalise aide said, he “didn’t know they were a white supremacist group.”
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The characters....


‘White Civil Rights’ for ‘Europeans and Americans Wherever They May Live.’”
 Mandeville, LA
Profiled Leadership: David Duke
Founded in 2000 under a different name by the former Klan leader and notorious neo-Nazi David Duke, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) claims to fight for "White Civil Rights" for "European and Americans Wherever They May Live." Beyond hosting a website,, and staging an occasional conference, EURO is a paper tiger, serving primarily as a vehicle to publicize Duke's writing and sell his books.

In Its Own Words
"The Jewish media and Jews in general will attack us for wanting to restore White America. The Jews are the enemy of the White race, and they are largely responsible for the ‘browning' of America. The Jews want to rule over a multi-racial brown America that is too ignorant to ever rebel against them." 

— Jeff Davis,, Aug. 17, 2000

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US Congress House of Representatives Majority Whip
Steve Scalise
Steve Scalise.jpg
House Majority Whip
Assumed office
August 1, 2014
LeaderKevin McCarthy
Preceded byKevin McCarthy
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Louisiana's 1st district
Assumed office
May 3, 2008
Preceded byBobby Jindal
Member of the Louisiana Senate
from the 9th district
In office
January 14, 2008 – May 6, 2008
Preceded byKen Hollis
Succeeded byConrad Appel
Member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
from the 82nd district
In office
1996 – January 14, 2008
Preceded byQuentin Dastugue
Succeeded byCameron Henry
Personal details
BornOctober 6, 1965 (age 49)
New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.
Political partyRepublican

Scalise was elected to his House leadership position after Eric Cantor unceremoniously lost his House seat and Kevin McCarthy, former Whip, was elected House Leader. After serving as an elected official since 1996, he and or, his staff should have possessed the business and political acumen to investigate any organization requesting a speaking engagement prior to accepting an invitation to speak.
I posit Scalise knew the deep inner workings of the EURO and opted to pursue opportunity for support from a constituent group. Since, we have come to know the extent to which money rules all US politicians the logical leap is to accept Scalise knew his visit and speaking engagement would be financially beneficial (in the long run). 

John Boehner and others (who are not posturing for the 2016 GOP nomination) have spoken in support of the third ranking member of the US House. Before we take a closer look at the 2002 cast of characters, we must recognize the nation's white supremacist are denizens of American conservatism; the GOP is the political party of America's conservatives. Do I need to provide a more descriptive syllogism? 

A  look at the Party and the need for GOP caution

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Of course, Boehner will support his Majority Whip. I doubt one Republican will publicly push for Scalise to speak with any degree of reflection on the 2002 event.

David Duke has responded in a rather quirky manner:

Duke: "Scalise did communicate a lot with my campaign manager, Kenny Knight," that is "why he was invited"
— Robert Costa (@costareports) December 30, 2014
Duke has also warned of continued comment about Scalise cod draw revelations of others with whom he has consorted. Oh, the GOP is infested with secrets only the likes of Duke can tell.

Al Sharpton ran a segment this afternoon that offer background on Scalise, his hobnobbing with white supremacist and GOP leadership's circling the wagons. Linked.

As I think of Scalise and 2002, I think of an old adage that  illustrates the Majority Whip and the event.
"When you allow with a pig, he loves it.  You are wallowing in his level in his pen...and now you Stink." 
Mr. Scalise, you now wear the stink of white supremacy.

The real question is: "Will America white wash yet another glaring example of the GOP's deep rooted core of white nationalism and intolerance of non-white Americans?" Moreover, I find it intriguing the level of complete silence from so-called "black conservatives."

Black conservatives! Any thoughts?

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