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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GOP Watch: December 31, 2014. What A Way To End The Year

A quick New Year's Eve Right-wing watch post.  

Happy New Year to all! As a New Year's Resolution, you might went to keep a close on eye the GOP you voted to majority in both Houses of Congress. While you are watching the GOP, offer a word or two of thanks to the Kochs for the gift they gave you.

Let's start with a most vile and unnecessary clip of a Right-wing nut job offering fodder to Fox News viewers.

Really Bozell, is that the best you have to throw to Fox News minions. Racism for Bozell is not only lucrative, it has to be a fire burning deep inside his inner being so profound he lives breathes and sleeps hatred of Obama and African-Americans.

-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers.

Scalise Says he regrets accepting a speaking event for a white supremacist group back in 2002. Well, actions matter, words can be used to mislead. Scalise's regret is that the truth came forth. Can you imagine a future for this guy in GOP politics?  I can!

As I think of the GOP's number three "man" in the US House or representatives and his statement of regret, I think about statements from the likes of Rick Santorum (BLAH People), Paul Ryan ( marathon record time, inner city culture) and George W. Bush (WMD, "no recession in 2009/08"). 

Krauthhammer reinforces his role as chief Right-wing demagogue. How can any sane person circle the wagons regarding Scalise's attendance and Guest Speaker role) at a white supremacist event to any deflective association between then Illinois Senator Obama and Rev Wright.

I do not recall any video of Rev. wright, who I vehemently do not agree with, speaking of depriving rights to whites. Nor, did he speak in code of secret societies that in some cases have a history of indiscriminately killing of white people.

The Fox News mouthpiece knows better than this: Linked

Earlier in 2014, I watched the video of New York Congressman threatening throw a reporter over the Capital Building balcony. During the viewing,  I wondered how long before the reality of his bullying ways would catch-u?

Actually, Grimm will resign effective January 5th, 2015.

We can rest assured the GOP holds many such guttural  surprises and revelations for 2015.

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