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The Pardu
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hate Groups On Christmas!

Yes it is Christmas Day, but diligence is a virtue and we must remind ourselves of growing hatred and social change that is very un-Christ like! checkout the US South and the more densely populated states. Looks like racism is a growing enterprise, eh? The real tragedy? These statistics do not include cop abuse!

America is "not the beautiful."

SPLC Releases Map of Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, Confederate, Patriot Groups -- Which State is the King of Hate?

Oh, come ON, Florida! Seriously? You know, we're already in third place for murder, rape and violent crime behind Texas and California now. As of last year anyway. Down from just a few years ago, when we held the title on murder, at least. But are you seriously telling me…right now…that Florida can't even be the…

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