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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Left Wing Nation: "Jaw-Dropping Conservative Racism"

A unique repost for Left Wing Nation......

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Ambrose Kane is a blogger. He is not famous. He is not even moderately well known. His blog is ranked 291,093 which means he has even less traffic than my little rinkydink site, Left Wing Nation. But Ambrose Kane is still a perfect example of the breathtaking racism of the conservative movement.

In Kane’s own words, he “write(s) from the perspective of a traditionalist conservative.”

Considering how loud and how often conservatives scream about liberals being the “real” racists, I’m sure you’ll be completely shocked that a “traditionalist conservative” would say the following:

Black males, as I have labored to argue in other posts, have unusually strong proclivities toward raping females. I know it sounds like I’m just making baseless and inflammatory accusations, but this is not the case at all. Rape is an epidemic throughout much of the African continent as many foreign aid workers can attest. Wherever blacks reside, there will always be enormous numbers of rapes, even though the media will try its best to keep much of this quiet.
Try to imagine, without bursting into laughter, a “traditionalist liberal” saying something like this. You’d have an easier time imaging an atheist Republican that wants to regulate Wall Street and supports marriage equality.

Also, under his “Sites of Interest” which links to other websites he thinks his readers should check out, Kane has the following:
  • American Renaissance ( This is the premier race-realism site.
  • Stuff Black People Don’t Like ( Shows the reality of the black undertow in America.
  • Unamusement Park ( Interesting articles on black crime and other related matters.
All are explicitly based on White Supremacy. I didn’t check the rest because I was eating breakfast while writing this and it was making me nauseous. The rest of Kane’s posts are just as hate-filled. Browse at your own risk…

Conservatives will constantly claim that they don’t have a racism problem and that liberals are therealracists but, magically, only the right wing is so openly hostile to black people. This is why I’m forever challenging conservatives to find me liberal websites that are so jawdroppingly racist. They simply don’t exist because racism is anathema to the concept of modern American liberalism. On the other hand, racism is central to modern American conservatism.

There’s a reason that 90+ percent of black people will not vote for Republicans. How do you vote for someone who openly despises you?

The upshot here is that conservatives are currently in the process of permanently turning away the Latino community with the same kind of mindless racism. So even though Republicans won the midterms, in the long term, they’re doomed to irrelevance.

Keep up the hardcore racism, conservatives! You’re doing great!

H/T to Jusitn Rosario...and you should visit his blog!

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