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Friday, December 5, 2014

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Nails Police Abuse And Prosecutorial Malfeasnce

The majority of readers of the TPI probably watch at least one MSNBC News show per day; a fact that I would be hard to refute. Yet, when I see and hear segments that really should receive far greater exposure, I link and embed the segment.

Some writers avoid use of video embeds and links with focus on recanting the story with interlacing personal opinion. A good methodology and practice as it offers you the reader opportunity for quick reads and assimilation of the writers point of view. I also interlace personal opinion, but I differ in avoiding the use and significance of providing video segments. My mission and purpose via the TPI is delivering complete messages. The assumption that I am best to capsulize, reshape an iterate the word of competent news and current events professionals, is not a thought that ;crosses my mind. I can never offer the impact and full scope of the video clip; my admiration goes out to social media writers who have the gift of delivering cogent screeds while speaking about the broadcast clip.

I am going to stretch my tendency for use of video, with a few segments from last night's MSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell and his production team.

During the first segment, O'Donnell and panel discuss the extent to which the system failed Eric Garner. When the system fails anyone, it actually fails all; despite our lack of understand as events unfold. We better understand when such events reach into our respective and individual lives.

Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy Ann Reid and Eugene Robinson and a system that allowed Eric Garner to die on the streets of a New York City Burrow. Regardless of the statement from this MMA choker regarding no intent to kill Garner, the fact remains a gang of cops killed him and no one attempted any form of resuscitation. Linked here

The next The Last Word segment is much shorter in duration, but it is ironclad point-on as I consider my often posts related to cop hiring practices. TheCleveland Ohio cop killer of Tamir Rice should never have been employed as a cop and his professional records indicate he may have suffered from deep rooted psychological/emotional issues. When police departments hire the likes of Darren Wilson and the killer of Tamir Rice there is no remedy for abusive "badge" authority. These people are under-educated robots who in the Tamir Rice killer's case sought "more action." Linked here.

The final segment relates to prosecution and the words of a New York Police Deportment Union official. Words that truly embody what we as a nation are seeing when cops kill beyond the rational scope of their jobs. Linked here.

Need say nor write another word.

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