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Saturday, December 27, 2014

'N*gger Babies'?

Hit the Nigger BabyWhen it becomes in any way acceptable to find rational reasons for any form of racism, the nation suffers.  

So much for those who view racist acts and lay blame to the US South. US racism spans the nation and is growing and showing like a dandelion field.

For a bit of perspective, I thought a quick peep at an how unofficial source of information would define "N*gger Babies."

The Urban Dictionary: Linked.

And, some wonder why we hate!


California Official: It's Not Racist That I Keep Saying 'N*gger Babies'

An elected official with the sanitary district's board of directors in California has been censured for racial slurs and sexist remarks he made to district employees. "Mr. Landis has made sexist comments to our female district staff. And it's becoming more and more of a pattern of behavior," board president Tim Becker told KPIX Landis, a…

Image via Ferris State University Jim Cow Museum

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