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Saturday, December 6, 2014

November Jobs Report!!!

Quick Hit from The Rachel Maddow Blog's Steve Benen.

During the month of November, the US economy performed at a level comparable  to the latter years of the Clinton Era. The November jobs report continued shining negative light on GOP economic policy while figuratively placing GOP obstruction to Obama policies on trial for sedition. Unemployment remains just below six percent and job grow exceeded 300,000. And one cable news network managed to avoid coverage of the economic news beyond a quick news report. We know which network down-played the good news via avoiding the story, If for some reason you are puzzled as to which network, look-over the following list and take a guess: A. MSNBC, B. CNN, C. Fox News.  

Since the 3rd Quarter of 2010 US job growth has shown positive numbers with unemployment as charted below....




Fire Shot screen capture w/highlight via The Pardu

One more..... Dueling recoveries. Obama vs. Bush!

Oison Kwadwo Owusu-konadu's photo.

The charts literally mock GOP economic policy, while pointing a finger at GOP obstruction while exclaiming "History will tell the story." 

Now for Benen's Job Growth charts.

As is customary, Benen's monthly Job Growth charts are accompanied by job(s) revision reports from previous months: Linked here.

When President Obama stated the mid-term elections would in part involve votes on his policies he was correct. It is sad progressives, liberals and certain voting blocks did not visit the voting booths. Millennials voted at 13% of eligible voters. I also suspect the African-American vote fell shy of expectation.

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