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Monday, December 8, 2014

Quick Hit: Right-Wing Watch

It is time for another quick foray into a Right-Wing Watch.  

Oh, how privileged thou art to practice such a level of "White Privilege!"

"I didn't mean any harm...!"  Well. now I think it safe to assume this bar has a patronage that is 100% white. Now, you know the basic focus of business..."give the customers what they want." One more point: "Do you think this bar caters to progressives and liberals?"  I think is safe to archive this one under "White Privilege" right next to the....

Rolling Stone Magazine may have screwed up on the "Jackie" rape story,  but hardly to the level the Right will use the work to disavow issues related rape.

Now, the chameleon Paul has come back with the following. You recall a few days ago he laid the death of Eric Garner on high taxes (Cigarette tax specifically); he and the party leader Rush Limbaugh. What a said little man: Rand Paul.

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