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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rand Paul on MSNBC...Thanks To Chris Matthews (Featuring Jon Stewart)

Rand Paul on MSNBC

Chris Matthews's recent suckling-up to Rand Paul paid-off this week with an on camera appearance for the Chameleon politician. An appearance on Hardball after swearing of MSNBC in 2010 based on Rachel Maddow opposing his views regarding 1965 Civil Rights legislation. The appearance seems to confirm my thoughts of certain MSNBC hosts (Matthews) joining the network's conservative contingent (e.g. Scarborough, Mitchell, Todd). Paul was raised by a long-term politician who has a history of consorting with white supremacist and factually published a series of newsletters in the 1990 that were over the top guttural and holding over with vile racist screeds. Rand Paul successfully masked his inner core until Maddow turned him into a mumbling bundle of discombobulation. Interview Part I, Part II.

Now watch as Paul swore off MSNBC interviews until the network met his conditions. Paul appeared on MSNBC in July of this year to drive progressive support of his opportunist piece of felon voting rights legislation. His first effort to reach into his twisted view of the black community based on the level of black incarceration. You will notice his partner, new Senator Cory Booker sitting along side. Their legislation is as shallow as it comes in the grand scheme of Paul's voting record and his comments on the Maddow Show. Ari Melber hosted the segment and was unable to facilitate dialog based on Paul's successful use of over-talking and deflecting on Melber's employer. 

If you wonder why I use the adjective "suckling" regarding Chris Matthews, I have good "cause." Matthews over the past year has conspicuously avoided reporting on Rand Paul's exposure as a plagiarist and the Hardball host frequently abstained from negative reports on Paul's meandering politics at times when the credible progressive journalist would probe. Bascially, Matthews via unfulfilled progressive reporting met Paul's conditions.

Now, fast forward to Paul's new found ally on MSNBC. During the segment Matthews both suckles up to Paul via "we have a likeness" and he labels the shifty Paul a neo-conservative. For any conservative appearing on a alleged progressive network Matthews characterization would be considered a major step forward for 2016.

My purpose in posting the segment is accomplished in the first 1:20 seconds. Paul utters a most ridiculous comment regarding cigarette taxes as the catalyst for the murder of Eric Garner. Do conservatives think in terns of anything beyond taxes?

The remainder of the interview is nothing more than Chris Matthews performing a perfunctory softball interview, and paving a path for higher ratings via conservatives and libertarians who tune-in to view one of their own.


I truly hope you did not view the total 11:45 minutes of Rand Paul and his new found host friend on MSNBC. The real sadness of Matthews's affinity for Paul is the reality of Paul's libertarianism. Paul shares much with the uber wealthy libertarian Koch brothers. The Kochs: two of the world wealthiest people who are averse to government, support school segregation, and who virtually own via (dark money) US politics both state and federal.

Matthews courting Paul is shameful actually, He knows of Paul's inner core. and he knows Paul shares non-progressive ideology and actively votes against progressive legislation that provide life sustaining benefits to people.

Here is how a real journalist competent and progressive host handles the likes of Paul.

Jon Stewart

Maybe you recall Matthews surpassed Maddow in a recent MSNBC ratings cycle. The Paul interviews explains a lot. "Give the viewers what they want." More conservative viewers has a "darling" affect on ratings. While Matthews softball interview offered viewers an MSNBC look and sound of Ran Paul, leave it to the zany Senator from Kentucky to show his true colors. Taxes killed Eric Garner! And, leave it to Matthews to validate why I do not find his show on my viewing list over the a past few months.

When supposed progressive news show hosts provide a softball platform for the likes of Rand Paul, we have confirmation US media beyond Al Jazeera America is lost in ratings quests at our expense.

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