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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Refugees, Immigration and "No, Your Ancestors Didn’t Come Here Legally"


A real issue for the majority white population in America. A population that demographically subgroups into older conservatives. In addition, a to issues of race, a ;majority of Latinos vote Democratic.

Brendan Kirby AL Dot Com November 20, 2014

 "Why do Republicans resist immigration reform? Here's why" 
Excerpt.....Hispanics vote for Democrats because virtually every minority group votes Democrat. Consider this data:
  • 2013 Pew Research Center survey showed that 56 percent of Hispanics supported or leaned toward Democrats, compared with 21 percent for Republicans.
  • 67 percent favored a bigger government and more services over a smaller government and fewer services, according to the same poll.
  • A plurality supported making same-sex marriage legal.
  • 30 percent describe themselves as liberal, 9 points higher than the general public.
  • 2014 survey indicated that 62 percent of Hispanics believe controlling gun ownership is more important than protecting the right of Americans to own guns.
  • The same survey suggested that 84 percent of Hispanics favor increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
Does that sound like the profile of future Republican voters?
I believe Kirby makes a good case about GOP political resistance to immigration.  I am much more cautious about GOP social paradigms that includes 92% white party membership and associated evidence on deep rooted bigotry in the party. 

A Facebook friend recently posted a comment developed around a Talking Points Memo piece, that Is a worthy personal perspective on immigration.  Of course, Mike Victor is a progressive and his perspective piqued the interest of progressives. His thoughtful and worldly perspective is posted below an introduction to the TPM piece. I have linked the full TPM piece via the title just below.

  “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”
The 1892 opening of Ellis Island didn’t change these fundamental realities. Ellis arrivals had to wait in line and answer a list of questions, and could be quarantined if they had a communicable disease or were visibly insane. But if they weren’t in those aforementioned few illegal categories, they still weren’t affected by any law, made no choice of how to immigrate. Moreover, many arrivals during this period came not through Ellis but across the borders, which were unpatrolled and open.
I am here (in America) because Hitler and Stalin signed a secret non aggression pact later ruled illegal, leading to Russia invading my father's homeland illegally, followed by an illegal invasion by Germany, followed by a dangerous crossing of the Baltic under fire, a stint in illegally occupied Denmark, an illegal claim to be German when Russians swept the camps for eastern Europeans to return forcibly to almost certain death or incarceration in now illegally Soviet countries, a more legal claim to be a displaced person, then a series, a more legal claim to be a displaced person, then a series of legal jumps that ended up with my birth in England and naturalization years later in the United States. Today I own property illegally stolen from the Cherokee people by the federal government arguing among itself about how anal they are going to be in their interpretation of racist immigration laws that might uproot innocent children whose parents might have lied so they could have a better life. 
Here's the thing: when children are fleeing death, destruction, and violence, laws are flimsy, stupid things, always cited by those in safety with enough to eat who forgot how their ancestors broke law after law so that they could survive. 
It's also interesting that those who claim to be international law scholars were generally completely supportive of the illegal United States invasion and occupation of Iraq. Funny how laws prohibiting the movement of unarmed children are cited with rigid fury whereas those prohibiting the movement of armed men in tanks and attack helicopters are shrugged away as quaint.
Mike Victor's thoughts on current issues related to refugees and their struggle to reach the safe sanctity of the US is a perspective endemic to progressive thinkers and writers.  He wrote in the spirit of the United States of old and in a spirit of an exceptional nation." It is unfortunate, the US has moved well away from the aggregate perception of an "exceptional nation." 

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