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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Right Wing Watch... (Andrew Rei)

Friend of the TPI, Andrew Rei, has been busy on fascist watch. When Andrew goes hunting he rarely returns empty handed. Actually, there are few Right-wing watch sentinels who perform better than Andrew Rei.

Today's catch relates to The ultra Right-wing nut job web page called Judicial Watch. After viewing the web page for a few minutes (titles only) self preservation set-in with a knee jerk page closure. My brain simply will not allow soiling to the extent promulgated by Judicial watch.
Andrew Rei
I'm about to expose a group of Fascists and their use of propaganda...

So, if you're a Republican who refuses to acknowledge that your party is Fascist or a Libertarian and who refuses to acknowledge that your party is Fascism-suborning, leave this page right now....

The truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense I'm about to lay on you is going to hurt....

I've got Judicial Watch's 2015 calender....

First, under "who we are and what we do", the group claims to be "constitutionally conservative" (a dead giveaway that they're FRWNJs---Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Jobs) and a "nonpartisan educational foundation". They also claim to "promote transparency, accountability and integrity in government, policies and the law. Our dedicated staff share a common commitment to the principle that 'no one is above the law' and to the American people's 'right to know"

They go on to list what they've been doing over the past few years and how they've used the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to expose corruption in the Obama Administration.

The above claims made by Judicial Watch are a perfect example of what Fascist organizations and groups do: Fascist propaganda, BS, lies, etc., designed to convince others that the truth are lies and that lies are the truth. The truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense of matters are an anathema to the philosophies and goals of a Fascist regime.
If you want to know which statement they make that represents the worst propaganda or the most obvious use of a psychiatric ploy known as "projection", the statement that they're "non-partisan" is the one that qualifies. How we know that it's a pathetic lie and propaganda can be divided into two parts. First, it's projection, which means they're actually talking about themselves but falsely accuse others of being as they really are.
Second, if they were truly "non-partisan", how come there isn't any mention whatsoever about the corruption of the GOP and Libertarians?!? We all know that every GOP and Libertarian politician in this country is guilty of insurrection or sedition, and, in many cases, BOTH. We also know that the FFFCCC (Fascist Feckless Five Christan Con Coward) Supreme Court majority have committed at least 16 impeachable offenses, as per the Judiciary Act of 1789. So, Fascist jackasses, how about you start working on those?

That's how Fascist propaganda works, kids. You have to read "between the lines" to see the propaganda for what it is.

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