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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Right-wing Watch: Hannity, Eric Garner Death Mocking Fools And Paul Ryan Advances Trickle-Down Economics

Eric Garner's death and subsequent Grand Jury hearing and the proceeding's exonerated killer, drew comment from Sean Hannity. Comments laden with ratings garnering Benghazitis. The extent to which far Right demagogues entertain their minions with pure garbage is unimaginable. Hannity via the Premiere Radio Network sounds a lot like his nemesis Rush Limbaugh.

You of sound mind will not believe what you are about to hear. John Boehner's called for Congressional Hearings on Eric Garner's death; a humane and civil act that was simply too much for Hannity. He reaches deep into his demagogue tools chest and brandishes the deaths of four honorable Americans. Moreover, he fed an audience that might suffer from chronic low information. A Republican lead bi-partisan committee recently found and reported no Obama Administration wrongdoing or missteps. Hannity continues to "carnival bark" Benghazi when far more US embassy deaths occurred in past administrations. 

 Alas, the life of the Right-Wing carnival barker!

Now, watch America at its most crude. I would hard pressed to think the subjects of the next segment were American progressives.

Watch as a insensitive non-caring couple mocks the killing of Eric Garner. There is something about their mocking that seems out of touch with the prevailing sentiment: the Grand Jury process failed the deceased Garner and the nation.

Would you agree, shameful?

From a shameful act to a shameless politician. 

Paul Ryan flirts with a landmine while gambling with an improving US economy. The GOP is committed to help themselves (donations and dark money) and other Top 1% (ers). Ronald Reagan's Trickle-down/supply side economics fails to help the middle class and lower income strata and kills the nation's economy. Take a look at job creation from President Bush I through President Obama.

In the fall of 2012, Jon Perr via the Daily Kos published a definitive comparison of Democrat Vs. Republican management of the US economy. 

SUN SEP 02, 2012 AT 01:04 PM PDT

Which party is best for the economy? It's not even close

By Jon Perr

While the U.S. recovery from the crippling Bush recession has been painfully slow, most economists--including the nonpartisan CBO and some of John McCain's own 2008 advisers--believe President Obama saved the American free-enterprise system from the abyss. And many economists are increasingly worried that businessman-turned-President Romney would lead the United States back into recession.
Here's why the economic debate between Democrats and Republicans is no contest at all. (Click a link below for the details on each.)
Sample Article graphics

Bush "Padre" with yet another "Read My Lips" moment regarding Reagan's economic policy.

    Bush was correct "...It just won't work...", but he acquiesced to his party, defied logic and pressed forward with Trickle-down economic policy. Now, scroll up and again view the first chart above.

    Ryan's VooDoo Economic Circa 2014!

    Post by The Raw Story.

    America!  Trickle-down supports more wealthy America, it does not trickle down.

    Why would any sane American believe the GOP is a competent custodian of the US economy? In early November, American progressives and liberals succumbed to their tendency to not vote in mid-term elections. Obama's decision to delay executive action on immigration and the pathetic voter turnout among millennials (13%) handed the GOP both houses of Congress this coming January.  

    The people who will suffer most from a full GOP Congress are people like you and me. 

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