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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Senate INTEL Committee Report.... “I don’t care what we did”

I have long posited Obama should have come into the Oval Office with "Change We Can Believe In" embossed on an order to the Department of Justice to investigate the scope and extent to which Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice perpetrated violations of International Law. The presidents failure to enact such an investigation not only riled many on the Left, it foretold Obama as a president who would work to avoid rocking the boat of peace between Democrats and Republicans. He avoided rocking a boat that was already lisping under the weight of GOP obstruction that started the evening of his Inauguration Day. President Obama's commitment to the protocol of not investigating the previous administration was admirable, but frankly a leadership miscarriage of Justice regarding International Law.

Is it so easy to forget the US prosecuted and executed German and Japanese war criminals after World War II?
We are America! I don't give a rat's ass if it [torture] helps, we are America! We do not fucking torture! We don't do it. Shepard Smith Fox News, April 2009.
The Senate INTEL Committee Report
Full exposure of the Bush "torture machine" has to come light with apparent approval of President Obama. Today's release of the 400 plus page summary of a report of over 6,000 pages represents an exhaustive committee investigation. You and I bore the cost of the report at the tune of $40 million dollars. It appears the full cost of the Iraq War will span many years into the 21st Century.  The $40 million pales when compare to the $81 million paid to a set of (seamy) psychologist who helped develop the Bush/Cheney "enhanced interrogation techniques." 

Will the Bush Era (two terms in the Oval Office) ever fade from its rightful place in the pits of US History? 

10 key findings

Post by Salon.

Now watch and listen as a former Bush communications director placed an exclamation mark on the darkest days of US History. Nicole Wallace utterly embodied the demeanor we have come to expect from conservative America. As I watched the segment and her piston-like over-talking and trite reaches to politicize the report release, I was reminded of the boxer who threw so many punches he literally punched himself into a corner and may as well have knocked himself out.

“I don’t care what we did”

We as a nation should have concern about the millions who share Wallace's draconian flip-out.

Let's checkout a few Facebook posts as we move into an era of US history never before experienced by those who preceded as denizens of the United States. 

Post by Salon.

Post by The Rachel Maddow Show.

Wolf Blitzer and his producers reported  and question typical to CNN: "hyperbolic and tin hat to the maximum?"  

The Right sizzles!

Post by Media Matters for America.

“I don’t care what we did”

Additional report from Think Progress, here.

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