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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sony Execs Join The Ranks Of The Bigoted Deniers Of Opportunity; They Join Woody Allen!

"We are at a loss for words. I guess we can say that it was something we suspected was happening behind the scenes but never had concrete proof of, until now. For all of the Americans that believe that racism and prejudice is over, it’s not. It’s simply masked with a pretty bow, we call it covert racism."  The Shade Room
Some call it karma. I call it comeuppance. There is another famous maxim that embodies the guttural essence of circumstances that contributed to the comment from The Shade Room.

 "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" Sir Isaac Newton

Newton's theory and posit related to the pure science of Physics as he knew the science centuries ago. His quote also seems relevant as we watch the re-discovery and proliferation of racism in every fabric of human existence.

I find the perfect example immersed in the recent revelations from the hacking and release of Sony's internal intranet systems.  Despite the earnings from the recent releases of The Equalizer Denzel Washington, Sony executives perpetrated racism akin to the most vile cases during ante-bellum Jim Crow through the end of the repressive set of laws and practice. Multi-millionaire actors like Denzel Washington was the subject of internal email with a central theme of, "avoid top marquee black actors in high end budget movies."

The sophisticated bigots
Amy Pascal, Steve Mosko of Sony
Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television, and Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment                                                                                                                                    Getty Images
The Shade Room Headline
Leaked emails between Sony Executives have already revealed malicious or racially insensitive remarks towards President Obama, Kevin Hart, and Angelina Jolie. Now, in a new email, Denzel Washington is the latest victim. Denzel Washington has won two Oscars over the course of his acting career but a producer sent an email to Sony Chairman Michael Lynton warning him that he should avoid casting black actors in movies that will get play time overseas because “they” don’t appeal to a “racist” international market.
It’s important to note that they said this right after they released The Equalizer featuring Denzel. Mind you, The Equalizer turned out to be a smash hit with almost $200 million grossed worldwide and almost half of the sales came from overseas. Apparently, despite all of the movie success, international sales were down by 18 percent (compared to what they are used to) and the producer felt that it was because Denzel was black.
While The Shade Room indicate a loss for words, I suggest the Sony executives embody the essence of multi-millionaire corporate elite who call the shots at their respective corporations. They are top-end contributors to corporate culture that perpetuate the high black unemployment rates we see in the black community. 

Racism and bigotry from the top Sony executives mirrors the lack of interest in hiring and promoting qualified black specialist and professionals. The biased Sony executives (power-brokers) aversion to top black actors manifest across the employment spectrum with few exceptions. Once jobs sit above the level of service workers, management (predominately white mind you) find cause to shield the top jobs in a glass ceiling and for reasons as idiotic as those from Sony.

If you want to read a few summarized excepts from the email "dump", Vulture offers the perfect quick visit

If you want a perspective with which I agree at the level of 95%, checkout this out: Tanya Steele Shadow and Act.

Now that you (may) have follow those links for more on the biased and elitist Sony power-brokers, familiarize with another movie industry icon.  I can stand tall in my revelation of never having watched one second of any production from this bigot.  Woody Allen speaks!
This past July......Shadow and Act
Woody Allen Says He Won’t Hire a Black Actor Unless the Role Calls for One... Whatever That Means
Shadow and ActBy Sergio | Shadow and ActJuly 31, 2014 at 10:24AM
Woody Allen says there is a reason why black actors don't appear in his films. Whether it makes sense, is something else altogether.
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If you continue to believe we live in a world where equal rights are afforded to all, think again. If you believe Mitt Romney's flawed proclamation of "corporations are people," think again. If you do not find what you have just read reprehensible, you might be a conservative American and a conservative who embodies all that is wrong in the nation. 

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