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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Bill O'Reilly Reaches Deep To Entertain Fox News Viewers: Attacks Samuel L. Jacson

O'Reilly feeds his sycophant bigots with an attack on Samuel L. Jackson. It is important to establish and operate with a few points about Fox News. First, it is critical to remember, businesses have a basic credo and driving force: "Give the customer what she/he wants." Thus, nothing you we see as a report  Bill O'Reilly and his popular Fox News show, The Factor, should surprise nor alarm you. Next, we must recognize and grant Fox News viewers are vastly conservative and conservative America is the homeland of the vast majority of Americans bigots and racists. O'Reilly's audience expects comment and demagoguery that is demeaning to the black community They literally tune-in for daily basis of O'Reilly' s brand of bigotry and the viewer probably experience major libido charges when he speaks his brand of racism. The Rush Limbaugh of television news is simply feeding his viewers exactly what they want: over-the-top racist wide copious sprinkling of white privilege.

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